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Soft Spot Padded Seat


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  • Carry Passengers on Cargo Bike
  • Carry Kids by Spicy Curry Electric Cargo Bike
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A comfy ride!

The Soft Spot offers your passengers a comfortable padded seat that’s easily installed on the rear rack of the Yuba Mundo(1 or 2) or the Boda Boda (1) or the Spicy Curry(1).

  • Installs easily with fabric hook-and-loop fasteners.
  • Covers half the rear platform length on the Mundo and Spicy Curry, and the entire platform on the Boda Boda
  • Use two soft spots to cushion two adults or three kids.
  • Compatible with Yepp Maxi EasyFit

(See Mini Soft Spot if you’re carrying two kiddos on a Boda Boda or Spicy Curry.)


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