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Rock solid, nimble, and full of possibility, the Mundo is the workhorse in the Yuba family. Its stiffer frame, makes it the ultimate in maneuverability and control, particularly for larger loads. The Mundo Classic can easily haul 2 or 3 kids, or a paddleboard, or a week’s worth of groceries.

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The Mundo 7 speed Cargo Bike offers unprecedented value. We’re excited to respond to the question “Can I afford this?” with a resounding “Yes!” We’ve adapted some of the features to retain the solid, sturdy, and safe fundamental design, while simplifying some of the components. We’ve got the double kickstand for stability and safety, wheelskirts for security of your rear deck cargo, and a strong load-bearing rack.

The result of our tweaking and refining is that it’s easier and more affordable than ever to get on a cargo bike today, and you can still bring everything but the kitchen sink with you.

  • 1×7 Shimano
  • V-Brakes
  • Hi-Ten Frame & Cr-Mo Fork
  • Classic Mundo Chassis
  • Color Black or Orange
  • One piece Wheelskirts
  • Stand Alone Double Stand
  • Sideloaders Cargo/ Feet support
  • 2-Year Warranty (frame)
  • Deflopilator

Various Info

  • Hauls 440 lbs. PLUS the rider
  • Weighs in at 48 lbs.
  • Carries up to 3 kids on rear rack

*Shipping and Assembly not included

Click here for a Step-By-Step Assembly Video of the Mundo Basic V4 7 Speed

Assembly video

5 out of 5

When we moved to Illinois, we located close to everything and looked for a cycling solution for our three child family. We wanted to be able to commute to work after dropping the kids at school and/or daycare. We settled on the Yuba Mundo because it had the ability to carry all three kids at the same time and with the breadbasket we could fit everything we needed.

Whether it’s the daily routine, the weekend kids’ soccer matches, a trip to the beach or tailgating at the football, the Mundo has allowed us to take trips as a family with all three kids on the back and the other parent on our old mountain bike. It’s magnificent to be able to connect with the kids and sing songs or feel the rush of speedy downhill. I can’t recommend enough how beneficial this has been to making our family time and daily lives that much more fun.

We picked the 7 speed because we live in a flat area. It works well and it’s definitely a workout when fully loaded. We live in an apartment and store the bike in the basement. It’s long frame can be cumbersome but the weight isn’t too bad going up and down the stairs each day. It’s the minivan of bikes and we love it!


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