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Rock solid, nimble, and full of possibility, the Mundo is the workhorse in the Yuba family. Its stiffer frame, makes it the ultimate in maneuverability and control, particularly for larger loads. The Mundo Classic can easily haul 2 or 3 kids, or a paddleboard, or a week’s worth of groceries.

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The Mundo Classic Cargo Bike offers unprecedented value. We’re excited to respond to the question “Can I afford this?” with a resounding “Yes!” We’ve adapted some of the features to retain the solid, sturdy, and safe fundamental design, while simplifying some of the components. We’ve got the double kickstand for stability and safety, wheelskirts for security of your rear deck cargo, and a strong load-bearing rack.

The result of our tweaking and refining is that it’s easier and more affordable than ever to get on a cargo bike today, and you can still bring everything but the kitchen sink with you.

The Yuba Mundo Transformed my Relationship with my Sons” – Fatherly

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  • 1×7 Shimano
  • V-Brakes
  • Hi-Ten Frame & Cr-Mo Fork
  • Classic Mundo Chassis
  • Color Black or Orange
  • One piece Wheelskirts
  • Stand Alone Double Stand
  • Sideloaders Cargo/ Feet support
  • 2-Year Warranty (frame)
  • Deflopilator

Various Info

  • Hauls 440 lbs. PLUS the rider
  • Weighs in at 48 lbs.
  • Carries up to 3 kids on rear rack

*Shipping and Assembly not included

Click here for a Step-By-Step Assembly Video of the Mundo Classic

Assembly video

4 out of 5

We have a version 3.0 mundo and have used it to haul our kids since they were 2 and 4 – they are now 6 and 8. While the kids are now biking on their own, we still find the capacity helpful for the longer rides, and other non-kid oriented efforts.

The bike works great for me (6′) and my wife (5’7″) with no adjustments necessary.

If there was anything to work to improve upon, and I imagine that the newer versions have done so, it would be to upgrade the level of components that are stock on the bike. We had to replace a crank arm, brake lever and derailleur. Perhaps these should be expected due to the heavy use the bike gets, and the expense wasn’t great. We’re now looking to upgrade to disk brakes, which will make the bike even more bomber.

The kids love it, we love it and there have been lots of good times on the mundo! We get great comments in the neighborhood, and have convinced a few other folks in town to go this route as well!

5 out of 5

I wrestled with whether or not I should invest in a cargo bike, and which one, for the longest time. I already have a mtn bike, I live in NYC, how often will I really use it? Well, it was one of the best decisions I made. I LOVE my Yuba Mundo. I use it for my grocery shopping, and to commute my 11 year old to school on days when we are unsure of the after school plan and I don’t want his bike left at school. It is such a great ride–I sometimes choose it over my mountain bike even if I have no one to shuttle or no errands to run. I am always asked if it is hard to ride while carrying alot of weight. I am 5’3″ and can carry a ton on the bike, even sometimes only one one side and the bike is super easy to handle. Would definitely recommend!

Heidi Untener
5 out of 5

We’ve had the Mundo for about 3 years now. Originally we had a Madsen “bucket” bike when our kids were very small, but they quickly got too big and wiggly for it (we still keep it for grocery runs). We’ve been riding the Mundo nearly every single day with our kids who are now 6 and 8 (they were 3 and 5 when we bought it). I love that it carries a big load (two squirmy kids) but also feels and rides like a regular bike. I can drop my kids off at school (about a mile from home) and then ride the Mundo downtown to work (about 5 more miles) and I pass almost everyone else in the bike lane! I’ve even given rides to friends who are too drunk to ride their own bikes home. The bike is super sturdy, basically indestructible. You should definitely spring for the front basket and rear panniers… totally worth it for hauling stuff.

Clare F (Chicago)
5 out of 5

This is the best deal in cargo bikes anywhere! You can’t find a fully featured true cargo bike for $1,000 anywhere, and this bike certainly doesn’t cut corners to get there. Sure, the frame weighs a few more pounds but this is a cargo bike and the weight penalty isn’t felt. The frame and components are otherwise high quality and won’t let you down. The bike also rides like a tank and easily handles any load you can throw at it – there is no flex or wobble when fully loaded.

Get in on the cargo bike life for cheap! The only drawback is kids won’t stop asking to skip the car and ride the bike (check out the great Yepp seats).

5 out of 5

We have a slightly different (older) version of this bike and we could not be more happy. We take our two kids on our Yuba Mundo (they call it “Tuba”) all the time. It has added immense joy to our lives. (honestly…)

5 out of 5

I LOVE my Mundo! She is orange, and her name is Betsy. I’ve been riding her for a little over 4 years now. My kids were 4 and 18 months when I first got her. I don’t know how many miles I’ve ridden her, but she functions for us like a second car. We live in the city, and it’s not much fun to drive, but it sure is fun to bike. She takes the kids back and forth to school every day and pretty much anywhere we go on the weekends. I was a little nervous about the purchase at first…it seemed like a big investment, but I haven’t had a single regret. In fact, it is one of the best purchases I have ever made. Worth every penny. She has kept us on the go and sane for a long time. I take the bike in for regular tune-ups but haven’t had any problems with it. I LOVE my Mundo!

Kelly Guhr
5 out of 5

My wife and love riding bikes and once we had a child we wanted a safe way to ride around town. We live in Detroit, MI the new home of Shinola and that was the first place I looked for a bike but there were no options that accommodated our lifestyle. When I found out about YUBA I went to every bike shop trying to find out who were the reps in our city. We were in Eastern Market and there she was in Motorless City Bike shop. I have done over 1200 miles in 5 months and is featured on a lot of Facebook pages in South Eastern Michigan people just pull and say can I take a picture of you ask a couple of question. This bike is one of the best investment I have made.

Gregoire Eugene-Louis
5 out of 5

Yuba Mundo is our family station wagon. It has provided me freedom and independence for over 5 years now.
Since 2012 it has carried 30–50kg of children to and from daycare and school on a daily basis (usually 2 but sometimes 3 children). Even through the winter months of Finland (aided by studded tires) in temperatures down to –10°C.
Our Yuba has also carried tables, chairs, arm chairs, 5m tall ladders, countless boxes, renovation material, cans of paint and at one time also carried 2 x 70kg or a volume of 2 x 50 litres of art.
It rides easily on smooth roads, gravel and off road.
We had to change the brakes to disk breaks half a year after purchasing because the cantilever breaks were wearing out too quickly under our weight and use. Other than that we have not had any other functional difficulties with the bike. My husband would really like to add an electric motor, but we manage fine without one.
The plastic skirts are an absolute necessity when travelling with children (on a test drive of a different cargo bike without skirts, our child’s leg got caught in the spokes) although they are a bit of a pain when changing tires or making repairs, it is still worth it.
The size of Yuba makes it tricky to bring inside narrow, European apartment buildings, with many corners and stairs. Outside the breaks and gears freeze – but that is more a climate problem and has nothing to do with the bike.

The amount of freedom and independence the Yuba Mundo has given me is incalculable. I no longer have to ask anyone for a ride, or help in transporting large or fragile objects and over all it keeps us happy and heathy all year round!

5 out of 5

The Yuba Mundo is stable bodied workhorse, able to haul large loads without feeling like you’re pushing around a tank. Our family has been riding the Mundo v4 for approximately four years. We initially used the Mundo for hauling kids, library runs and getting groceries. Now that our kids are on their own bikes, we’ve been using the Mundo to haul large loads for family touring. Loading up the Mundo with gear allows our youngest children to ride with no panniers. I previously shared our story at:

Matt Armstrong
5 out of 5

We have the El Mundo with electric front wheel drive. It is in fact our second car. It is a great versatile bike.

Joe Piotrowski
4 out of 5

I had never heard of cargo bikeing before but I knew it was something I would enjoy. I picked up the mondo frame on sale and a frontwheel drive electric ezee motor kit. For a while I didn’t even have a drive train. I took a wheel off an old bike to have a rear tire and I was rolling. I use it as a commuter bike to and from work. Eventually I skrached together a gear system and chain. I had Less range anxiety including pedal power to the bike. With the e-mondo at 20mph roads in disrepair were on the bumpy side of things. I got myself a seatpost with shock absorbsion. As far as hauling; I went through many generations of function. I had it set up to haul goods, then people and goods, and I settled with a good drop bucket to toss items in. I had a bread basket but found that it made the bike so long I couldn’t fit it in my 6ft truck bed.

All and all if I were to recommend a hulling option I would say the mondo has best in value. If I were to rate most versatile; the boda boda would be a hot pick due to its lighter weight and rugged construction. If your hauling kids the new front load cargo would be a great option so you inspire the next generation of riders with good experiences. It can only be so inspiring to ride behind someone, some day they’ll want to be in front…

Finally a tip on electric vs pedal hybrid. When I started ridding electric my bike commute times were exact. I knew when I would arive at destinations before I left.

4 out of 5

My Yuba Mundo is great value for money. It takes a bit of time to get used to riding a big cargo bike, but after a few rides it’s real fun, especially since we “electrified” the bike (without electrical assistance it would be tough to ride the DC hills with two kids in the back).

The kids love it and not a day goes by without somebody noticing our ride. It’s really versatile, I can easily go for grocery shopping, even with the kids, and once also transported wooden beams with my Mundo.

Without the disc brakes, you do need to check your brake pads from time to time. But besides that, not much maintenance is required.

Lodewijk Smets
5 out of 5

We have had our Mundo for over 4 years. It has been one of the best purchases we have ever made! It easily takes the place of a 2nd car for our lifestyle. We added an electric assist shortly after the purchase making the hills very doable with a loaded bike. It is GREAT for living in a city where parking is difficult and there is much traffic congestion. Our bike has held up very well for the price point. Our children are getting bigger but we still use the bike daily especially for short trips like getting to the bus stop fast!

Angela Unger
5 out of 5

I LOVE my Mundo! We call it the grocery store bike. It has been great for trips to the store because we have the insulated grocery bags and our food stays fresh and cold, even riding home through the hot desert environment where we reside.
Thanks for making such a great cargo carrier.

5 out of 5

The journey is the destination with a kid and this bike. It makes trips to the park, grocery store, friends house, etc., part of the fun! I’ve loaded it up with huge items (three bike boxes), awkward items (my daughter’s 20″ two wheeler) and heavy loads (cases _plural_ of beer) and it never fails to inspire confidence, and if I am being honest, a sense of Independence and accomplishment. You will find excuses to ride once you own this bike. It’s so customizable too, so you can tinker and dial it in for your needs, and the bike can grow with you too as the seasons change, you have kids or your kids get bigger, or your needs change over time. You won’t regret it!

5 out of 5

We’ve owned the Yuba Mundo for about 3 years, and it is easily our favorite bike that we own. We used it for hauling our boys to and from school, up and down a few hills, before we started homeschooling them. Now, we travel full time and couldn’t go without it. We now use it around our campgrounds, to and from the grocery store, and to go exploring.

We are currently using the monkey bars for our two youngest boys to hang onto while we ride, and in the past we used a child seat for our youngest and it still left room for our other son to ride too.

I also have to say it gets a lot of comments about it’s orange color. It’s super awesome!

Kristen Ford
5 out of 5

We’ve had our Yuba Mundo for four years, outfitted with Go Getter bags for grocery and market trips as well as occasionally carrying kids to sports, recreation and eating out. Living in a northern city in Alberta, our Mudo easily addresses any need we’d have for a second vehicle (and makes the ownership of a motor vehicle largely optional– period). Truth be told: I have a number of bicycles which are supposedly higher performance rides, but I like riding our Mundo the best– great gearing (we have the earlier 3×7) for our relatively flat city and when it gets rolling, it’s so much fun. We really love the adjustability for different users, with a 12 inch height difference between my wife and I. I haven’t used it during the winter, although I do commute year round. But a single studded tire on the front would make it serviceable year round from the current 8 months. I don’t know why more people in cities like ours, without much cycling infrastructure (but we’re trying…!), wouldn’t want a Mundo.

David Ridley
5 out of 5

You can’t think of a Mundo as a cargo bike. It is a bike!
It happens to carry a lot of stuff too, if you want to do that.

I normally ride it as a regular rider- the basic bike. The long wheel base, wide tires, upright position, and solid frame make it a great daily rider. Smooooooth…

Oh yeah, and it can carry a lot.
Front basket, bags, the monkey bars hold a laundry basket, big panniers or small ones- customize it to your personality; the limit is your imagination. Passengers, whether children or adults, love to go along.

The flexibility of it with accessories makes it an important part in my life.

But mostly, it is just a fun, cool bike to ride.

Mark Mosher
4 out of 5

I have owned a Mundo v4 for about five years now. It’s the same as the Mundo Classic except with three speeds on the front, which has been very useful on the hills in our hometown. It has reliably served as our second car. We put about 400 miles a year on it, taking our son to Aikido practice, riding to concerts and parks, and hauling stuff around the neighborhood. I wish the paint job had held up a bit better, but overall this has been a great bike for us.

5 out of 5

We’ve had a Mundo v.4 for just over five years. I couldn’t recommend it more heartily. The frame works for both me (5’9″) and my wife (5’3″), and carries two elementary-school-age kids with ease, or a full load at the grocery store. The bike is steady and sturdy, and Yuba has been very good about addressing minor issues over the years.

5 out of 5

When we moved to Illinois, we located close to everything and looked for a cycling solution for our three child family. We wanted to be able to commute to work after dropping the kids at school and/or daycare. We settled on the Yuba Mundo because it had the ability to carry all three kids at the same time and with the breadbasket we could fit everything we needed.

Whether it’s the daily routine, the weekend kids’ soccer matches, a trip to the beach or tailgating at the football, the Mundo has allowed us to take trips as a family with all three kids on the back and the other parent on our old mountain bike. It’s magnificent to be able to connect with the kids and sing songs or feel the rush of speedy downhill. I can’t recommend enough how beneficial this has been to making our family time and daily lives that much more fun.

We picked the 7 speed because we live in a flat area. It works well and it’s definitely a workout when fully loaded. We live in an apartment and store the bike in the basement. It’s long frame can be cumbersome but the weight isn’t too bad going up and down the stairs each day. It’s the minivan of bikes and we love it!


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