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A nimble and lively cargo bike, the 24-speed Boda Boda cargo bike has a ton of carrying capacity. The aluminum frame comes in two sizes—the shorter Step-Through and taller Step-Over—and can carry up to 220lbs or 2 passengers.

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The Boda Boda is a compact cargo bike that can take on more load than ever and still get you around with that light, frisky ride that will leave you with a little bounce in your step. While keeping the style and pep of the Boda Boda frame, we’ve added a longer and lower rear rack for stability and even more functionality. With this design, you can now fit a Yepp Maxi seat on the Boda Boda and still have room on the rear deck for an older child. The frame overall has a stiffer, even more solid, ride.

Our design and engineering reflects that sturdiness; the rear rack, for example, is stronger and more heavily built than ever. Pack up both kids, a picnic, and a blanket, and you’re all set for a day at the park. Oh, and don’t forget, there’s still room to bring along the Flip Flop, which the big kid’s been loving.

Various info on the Boda Boda:

  • Choose from a Step-Thru or Step-Over frame
  • Light Aluminum Frame
  • Cr-Mo fork
  • Oversized 1.5″ headtube for a stronger ride
  • Hauls up to 220 lbs. PLUS the rider
  • Weighs in at just 41 lbs.


  • Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Full coverage fenders
  • Wheelskirts included
  • Side stand
  • Removable side loading bars (passenger and cargo support)
  • Quality rolling tires Freedom 26×2.15″
  • 2-Year Warranty (frame)

Assembly note:

  • Assembly required, install pedal, front wheel and adjust stem.
5 out of 5

We absolutely adore this bike. It was a splurge for us, but has proved worth every penny. We got our electric Boda Boda last year, and it has made biking in hilly DC with two kids in tow possible. We carry a 4 year old and a 6 year old with the help of the Yepp seat, the soft spot and the monkey bars. I take the kids to school, and continue on to work every day. This bike, with the bread basket, carries groceries, instruments for music lessons, and more. It’s light enough for me, as a not-large woman, to manage comfortably, and yet remains strong and sturdy with all the carrying capacity we need. Because of this bike, we can continue to live happily without owning a car, ordinary errands are a joy, and getting around in our daily lives is simply fun.

3 out of 5

I love this bike. But I’ve had three flat tires in the first three months of owning it. It’s so deflating (pun intended) to deal with this again and again. It takes time and continues to add to the cost of an already very expensive purchase, not to mention the lost rides. Also embarrassing when you’ve told so many people about this great new bike and the story starts becoming about how it’s always broken. The last time it happened, I was so frustraited, that I just left the bike in the garage for three weeks. I’m not riding anywhere strange, just the streets and bike paths of the twin cities. I finally bought a new tire with a belt inside protecting us from more flats. It would have been nice if this bike had had this in the first place.

Angela Schneider
5 out of 5

My dream bike! I was thinking of getting a Mundo when the first-generation Boda Boda came out circa 2013. It is everything I could ask for… tall, green, and amazing. I have had to replace the rear wheel once and the cork handgrips. I’ve added on one first-generation Baguette and a first-generation Bread Basket. I regularly ride with my husband (either one of us pedaling) and we get tons of catcalls (more when I’m pedaling!) Now for a kid to add to the back!

Karen Lichtman
5 out of 5

I wish these bikes were around when my kids were little! It would have made hauling my kids less of an organizational and engineering feat! So with children who are now bigger than me, I get asked why do I have a kid hauling bike?? Because even big kids need an occasional lift, to have their bike towed to or from an after school activity or have their school project, instrument or team equipment carried for them as they ride alone. I hear so many stories from families with little kids enjoying their cargo bikes, but i think there needs to be stories of families with big kids too. Also, these last few years of adolescence, when I get to have them on the back of my bike, even occasionally, to have those close conversations as the world glides past is so precious. I know these moments where their bodies are leaned into me and their faces are tilted to my cheek are literally fleeting! Always keep your babies close, even when they are bigger than you and my boda is a part of that.

5 out of 5

After owning and enjoying the original boda boda for 2 years we added the newest version last month to our bike family to ease the commute to school this fall with two (4 and 6). We couldn’t be happier. My kids love the extra space in back and I love that it is nimble and a joy to ride. I also like how much easier the hills are with 80+ pounds of kids plus cargo. The We are doing more and going further by bike than ever before!

5 out of 5

I LOVE our Boda Boda! It is essential to our lives as I use it to comfortably transport both my 5 year old and my 11year old. It is sturdy, reliable and cute!

Naima Freitas
5 out of 5

My baby blue Boda Boda V2 is joy. I chuckle past traffic jams carrying my two girls (3 and 5) on the deck to and from school, with me continuing on to work every day. We added a custom monkey bar enclosure and it’s been no problem. My girls immediately loved riding on it and begged to have mommy take them on the cargo bike over daddy taking them in the Burley trailer. We can chat so easily and the bike is so light and much easier to ride than a a bike pulling a trailer. The deck is a little high for two kiddos but if I don’t walk it much, it’s not a problem. The bike is also a conversation starter. I think I’ve become the goofy proselytizer, but I’m really in love with this bike! I cancelled my $65/month parking pass and am a full on bike commuter. I think these bikes should be issued to everyone after they have a child. No need for gas guzzlers or gym memberships. This gets the job done! Lastly, we bought ours with the seat pad and foot pegs and double kickstand all of which were clutch for keeping kids happy.

5 out of 5

bottom line, this a sweet bike for riding around town. Don’t worry about what you pick up, you can carry it with ease! Its fun to ride, easy to carry lots of stuff with, and a real head turner. What are you waiting for, just get it and start a new era in your bicycle life!

5 out of 5

I love my Bikes for People Boda Boda!! It is perfect for commuting to work and dropping my 5 year old off at school. I also add my 10 year on the back as well when she isn’t on her own bike.

Michelle Burdette
4 out of 5

My V2 is nearly two years old and I average 16 miles per day with my 50 pound kid in the Yepp seat with the Yuba adapter. After I drop my kid off at school, I remove the seat and I have a well balanced ride for my daily errands!

Shane Black
5 out of 5

Love my Boda Boda–I ride my son to school several times a week, but also ride around town (just me, no kid on back) and don’t feel like I’m riding a huge bike or having to pull a tag-a-long or trailer behind. It’s been the perfect go between–whether I have a kid with me or not. And, my son loves riding on the back (even though he’s a proficient bike rider himself). One of the best purchases our family has ever invested in.

Tracy Cochran
5 out of 5

This is for the old version Boda Boda V-2.
I was one of the lucky few who bought this at a discount when it was closed out for the updated model. My plan was to create my “dream bike” with an electric conversion- beginning with a wheel set that includes a Nexus 8 speed internal shift hub, (with roller brake kit) and a hub mounted generator, I then added a Bafang mid-drive electric conversion kit. I took full advantage of the higher up rear rack by mounting my “Shark” battery pack underneath it, yet above the fender from Planet Bike. The set up has exceeded all my expectations and has become my “RATT” bike- ridden all the time! This bike has an ultra stable feel to it even with uneven loads. I have hauled marble slabs, a lawn mower, another bike, and countless groceries, even steel stock 8 feet long, standing up upon the foot boards. The panniers are humungus and fold out for amazing loads. I expect them to last a long time due to the support of the “running boards” at their bottom.
I chose this model over what I was shopping for due to its low weight- I live on the 4th floor of a building with a “micro” elevator the size of a toilet stall- I must stand the bike up on its rear wheel to use it, lol! Even though I have the step through version, this frame has no “wiggle” when shaking the handle bars with a heavy load in back. A true cargo bike without the unconventional looks. Love it!

Margo Allen
5 out of 5

I take my son to and from school every day on our Boda Boda. He loves the ride and comments on how much fun it is to ride in the back. We can go pretty fast on it if we want, and he likes that too. Going typical speed we get to school in less time than driving and enjoy it much more!

5 out of 5

When our 4-year-old outgrew the seat in the back of a bike, we needed a solution to allow us continue commuting to school without the car and still allow us to pick up a few groceries or give a classmate a ride home. The Boda Boda has been perfect! And as a compact cargo, it is still possible for me to carry it up the front steps and round the corner to store it inside. We added the mini monkey bars and to of the smaller soft spots.

Jill Garland
5 out of 5


So we just ‘accidentally’ bought a Boda Boda…. Accidentally as we went looking for an easy cruiser so my wife could take the kids out in the trailer, but found the Boda Boda on consignment at our local bike store and couldn’t walk away (we tried!).

Hells bells that is one beautifully engineered and put together piece of industrial kinetic art. I am impressed, and thank you for creating such a marvellous machine.

Now to figure out how to get it on our tent trailer for our road trip this summer!

Andrew Bond

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