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Call for Artists: Heavy Pedal Art Exhibition

On March 29th-31st Cyclecide,in conjunction with Circuit Network, will be hosting an art show at The Lab gallery called “The Heavy Pedal Art Exhibition”. The Lab is located on Capp st. and 16th st. in the Mission in San Francisco.

The Bicycle is the most versatile machine on Earth. The aim of this exhibit is to explore the concepts, principals and ideas that the Bike has inspired, transgressed, or altered.

This is a call out to all artists, mechanics, tinkerers, and creative sorts who are interested exploring the diverse mediums of the bicycle. The criteria for this show is open. One can make graphics, sculptures, paintings, or make or bring an altered bike to hang from the ceiling. We will accept any medium one wants to use provided that it has something to do with the bike.

All submissions are due on March 13th. Please e-mail [email protected] with a brief description of you piece and space considerations so we can make sure to accommodate anyone who wants to be in the show. All proceeds of any art sold will go to the artist.

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