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C.I.C.L.E. Has Success: Pasadena Gets A Bike Boulevard

Pasadena to unveil dedicated Bicycle Boulevard

Darsha Philips

PASADENA, Calif. (KABC) — There’s good news for bicyclists in Pasadena. The city is opening a dedicated Bicycle Boulevard, which includes a special stretch along a popular boulevard for folks under pedal power.

The 3/4-mile lane runs along Marengo Avenue between Orange Grove and Washington boulevards. It is only for bicyclists and cars are not allowed through. Rich Dilluvio, Pasadena’s transportation planner, said the lane creates a convenient thoroughfare for bicyclists.

“What it lacked previously was, cyclists didn’t have a way to go through. They would either have to get off their bikes or get onto the crosswalk to walk around to continue on,” said Dilluvio. “What this does now, it makes it legal for cyclists to actually make the through-movement into this nice community that cars can’t make.”

Dilluvio added that the new lane is beneficial for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists alike, because it increases safety and decreases traffic congestion. Special bicycle signals at either sides of Marengo will alert bicyclists when it is their turn to enter the area.

Read full article and watch video here.

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