Boda Boda launch party report

Yuba launches new cargo cruiser with a great party
by Maurice Tierney, Bicycle Times

Yuba unveiled its new Boda Boda last Wednesday at its shop in Sausalito, and I had to be there for free beer and some good company. As you may have already heard here, the Boda Boda is Yuba’s new short/long bike (Mid-tail anyone?).

While I myself have been rocking the Yuba Mundo longbike to its full 450lb, capacity (look for our full review in issue #19) I think they are going to sell a lot of Boda Bodas because they are a bit more convenient, weighing only 35 lbs, and are short enough to fit into smaller places a bit easier. I am gonna say it offers 85 percent of the functionality in a smaller, lighter, less expensive package.   Read more….

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