The Bike Year Q & A

We met the Brodegard family about a year ago when they won our elMundo Contest. That’s the winning bike in the photo below. They had set out on this crazy adventure to spend the whole year not owning a car and just using bikes to get around. While that just seems like a hassle at… Read more »


Date Night by Cargo Bike

February Photo Contest results are in! Jessica Richards + Hubby – Madison, WI Our 11th Anniversary – we decided to make extra loops around the capital square in downtown Madison because we got so much fanfare! This is actually my first bike ever and I wanted a cargo bike to haul around my 2 kids. Little… Read more »


Stew the Cargo Bike

Lots of our riders choose a name for their cargo bikes because they really do begin to feel like part of the family.  In January we held a photo contest, asking folks to send in a photo of their cargo bike and tell us the story of how it got it’s name. Below is the… Read more »


Keep Your Cargo Bike Safe with Boomerang

So you just purchased a Yuba bike, and you’re wondering the best way to protect your investment from theft.  For around-town use we point people towards our Frame Lock, but urban and city cyclists often look for a higher security option. We get a lot of people asking about GPS security, and recently we had… Read more »


Name the new Monkey Bars

What’s in a name? New Monkey Bars with telescoping poles that adjust to fit all our rear racks! And boy do they look good on the back of a cargo bike. There’s just one problem… We can’t agree on what to call the new Monkey Bars. We need your help. We’re holding a Naming Contest for the… Read more »