The Total Toddler Toter!

The Yuba “Peanut Shell” child seat is made from molded plastic that wraps around your child.  Built for children from 19 to 48 pounds, the Peanut Shell is made to fit the Mundo’s substantial rear rack.  Loading and unloading your precious cargo is easier because the Mundo’s rack is lower than most bicycle racks. Grab… Read more »

“Fab Kid and Cargo Carrying Bicycle”

The Mundo Utility Bike is tested and ranked #1 in the latest tree hugger review of Kids Carrying Bicycles. The Yuba Mundo is a great solution for carrying small or big passengers. The Mundo’s rigid frame handles carrying passengers safely and comfortably. Strength means durability, strength means safety, safety means a product built for the… Read more »

Child Seats and Mundo versions

The Yuba Mundo Utility Bike is a practical and comfortable solution for carrying kids. For kids from 1 to 4 years of age (up to 22kg or 48lbs), we recommend strongly the use of a Child Carrier. The model of choice recommended by Yuba is the Peanut Shell, it is: • comfortable • provides great… Read more »

Bicycles Matter

As an avid cyclist and someone interested in history, I sometimes wonder what our city must have been like before the car. I was thinking about this recently as I pedaled down car-clogged Allen Street, which (according to the Allentown Association website) began as a mere cow path. Like many homes in Buffalo, the one in… Read more »