The Bicycle Works in Marin County Selling More Electric Mundos

The Bicycle Works is Marin County’s first non-profit bicycle co-op.  Directors Jelani Bertoni and Spokey Godfrey, have launched this project in San Anselmo to inspire people to live more active, sustainable lives.  This amazing do-it-yourself bicycle workshop offers the community a place for people to get bicycle knowledge and skills so that everyone can use… Read more »

Mobility, Utility, Community

We talk a lot about how bicycles are green and save gas and are good exercise, but it seems to me that one of the greatest benefits to bicycling is often overlooked.  Bicycling creates community.  This aspect of bicycling is more difficult to convey because unless you’re a cyclist, it’s hard to understand.  Certainly I… Read more »

Catch the Mundo Wave at The Spokesman in Santa Cruz, CA

If you feel like catchin’ the surf down in Santa Cruz, you could be cruizin the boardwalk on a new Mundo from our new dealer — the Spokesman located in downtown Santa Cruz at 231 Carthcart Street. Stop in and say hi to Tim.  Call: (831) 423-5683 or click  or find them on our Yuba… Read more »