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Bike to Work Day, 2012

Bike to Work Day is one of our favorite days of the year, because everyone gets to experience a little bit of what a bike can do.

This year, we decided to represent at both the Marin County Bike Coalition’s Bike to Work Day Celebration Party at Mike’s Bikes in Sausalito as well as go to the East Bay Bike Coalition’s Bike Happy Hour in Oakland.


Marin County Bike to Work Day Celebration Party

The Marin County Bike Coalition celebrates Bike to Work Day by announcing the winners of the Bike Locally Challenge.  People interested in participating have been selected by an essay-application process to ride a bike for six months, if they complete the challenge, the bike is free.

This year, Yuba Bicycles sponsored a family bike category, where a family take the challenge on one of our bikes. The Brown family was selected, and they were very excited to get their bike.

The winners of the family commuter challenge are the Brown Family. Here they are with their new bike, and Ben.

Here are all the winners of the commuter bike challenge.


East Bay Bike Coalition Bike Happy Hour

The excitement at the booth was palpable.

These guys kept making jokes about how the Yuba Mundo would be perfect for a guy with two sister wives. He does have a good point.

The Yuba Mundo in front of the Yuba van.

This is the East Bay Bike Coalition's Bike Commuter of the Year with Kaytea.

We really didn't expect this guy to pick up this bike from the bike valet.

Tasty, tempting, taco bike tormented us all evening.

This guy built this chopper for himself. He also built the trike at right.

Folding tricycle with sound system, and a joke NOs system.

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