Beauty and the Bike: Filmed with a Mundo

British filmmakers have released a beautiful new film, Beauty and the Bike, about the experiences of British and Dutch women riding bikes and feeling the empowerment and freedom that bicycles bring to all our lives. Yuba Bicycles is proud to announce that a Mundo was used in the filming. You can see a clip of the Mundo being used to carry a photographer, who sits on the back and shoots photos of the beauties as they pedal behind him. We urge all Mundo fans to check out the film. This project shows the ability of the Mundo to get work done. Here’s a short clip of the Mundo used on Beauty and the Bike

If there are other filmmakers out there who have used a Mundo to make a movie, please contact us. Even if you’re not a moviemaker, send us your photos and film clips that show how you’re using your Mundo to accomplish tasks that previously required a car or truck.

Lights, Camera, Action! photo credit Phil Dixon

Lights, Camera, Action! photo credit Phil Dixon

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One thought on “Beauty and the Bike: Filmed with a Mundo

  1. Dear Mundos!
    We are very happy to see our film being taken on so positively, and the Cargo Bike actually was a big help esp. for the photographer!
    One little correction: We worked with British and German women, not Dutch women. The film was shot in Darlington, U.K. and Bremen, Germany.
    But the Bikes were Dutch style though produced in Germany!

    And the film producers and directors, Richard Grassick and me, are German and British (Scottish actually).
    Best wishes Beatrix Wupperman

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