Bay Middle School Bike-To-School Challenge

Do you sometimes lament that not nearly enough kids ride to school these days?  Damn, that makes me sound old.  Kids nowdays!!…  Well, take heart.  The Bicycle Revolution is coming at us big as the tsumanis and hurricanes!  Kids still love to ride bikes.  And with the energy of bike advocates all across the country raising the call of programs like safe routes to school and other bike-to-school challenges, kids are turning to bikes for their everyday transportation in droves.

Need proof, you say?  Thought you’d never ask.  Be prepared to be inspired by Bay Middle School near Cleveland, Ohio.  Propelled by the school’s Bike-to-School Challenge, 63% of the students of Bay Middle School rode to school this week.  Driven on by advocates like Lawrence Kuh, a fifth grade teacher at Bay Middle school and major advocate for biking, the students of this school pulled 28,641 pounds of carbon emissions out of the atmosphere and saved $3,857 in gasoline costs by having an average of 58% of the students ride to school instead of being taken to school by fossil-fuel vehicles.  Dig the numbers?  How about this: last year, the students tallied up enough bicycling miles to circle the globe 3 times!.  Impressive.

This school blew me away when I went to visit as part of the Yuba Bicycles “Change Your Mobility” Tour during Bike to Work Week.  I had the privilege to introduce their students to “What a Bicycle Can Do”.  I sure hope that Bay Middle School will inspire other schools to support bike to school programs.  Keep it up!


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3 thoughts on “Bay Middle School Bike-To-School Challenge

  1. Steve says:

    Maybe you can post something on our Facebook page.

  2. Steve says:

    Good luck with your project, Eva.

  3. Eva says:


    Very interesting post and great video. I am running a project on cargo bikes in London, have a look at my blog.


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