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“Kidical Mass” Ride to Discovery Museum was great fun!

Yuba Bicycles‘ First Kidical Mass Ride

Yuba Bicycles’ hosted our first “Kidical Mass” kid’s Ride in Sausalito, CA last Saturday October 23rd.  This was our Route on Google.

Despite the foreboding weather, we had a good turnout.  Thanks to everyone who showed up.  We met at Yuba’s World Headquarters at 10:00am and rode the easy 3.2 mile, mostly flat ride through Sausalito to the Bay Area Discovery Museum.  The kids really enjoyed the ride and hanging out at the Bay Area Discovery Museum.  We got back before the brunt of the big rainstorm hit which was great.  Because of the rain, we did not get as many pictures as we would have liked, but we still had a great time.

We hope to see everyone there for the next ride which we will announce soon.

First Kidical Mass in Sausalito

Mariam & Otto

Go, Chris

One thought on ““Kidical Mass” Ride to Discovery Museum was great fun!

  1. Gemma says:

    Kidical riding looks so much funner for the whole family compared to normal kids bikes.

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