Author: cargolady

DIY Flip Flop Cargo Crate

Time to customize your Flip Flop Cargo Crate for your little rider and their cargo!  Here is a cute DIY Step-By-Step customization you can follow! The Flip Flop Cargo Crate can be ordered on our online store. Use M5 16 millimeter metric screws and two washers each.

Fenders for Boda Boda

Looking for fenders for your Yuba Boda Boda. Here are a couple easy steps showing you how to install Planet Bike fenders on your Boda Boda. Step 1:   Step 2:   Step 3:   Step 4:   Step 5:  

Boda Boda Monkey Bars

Have you been wondering how to convert Monkey bars into Boda Boda Compatible Monkey bars? Here are a couple quick easy steps explaining how to make Boda Boda Monkey bars from the Mundo monkey bars. Hope it helps!   What you will need: Monkey Bars 2 sets of bar tape Pipe Cutter or Bandsaw 9/16… Read more »