Author: cargolady

Date Night by Cargo Bike

February Photo Contest results are in! Jessica Richards + Hubby – Madison, WI Our 11th Anniversary – we decided to make extra loops around the capital square in downtown Madison because we got so much fanfare! This is actually my first bike ever and I wanted a cargo bike to haul around my 2 kids. Little… Read more »

Stew the Cargo Bike

Lots of our riders choose a name for their cargo bikes because they really do begin to feel like part of the family.  In January we held a photo contest, asking folks to send in a photo of their cargo bike and tell us the story of how it got it’s name. Below is the… Read more »

Keep Your Cargo Bike Safe with Boomerang

So you just purchased a Yuba bike, and you’re wondering the best way to protect your investment from theft.  For around-town use we point people towards our Frame Lock, but urban and city cyclists often look for a higher security option. We get a lot of people asking about GPS security, and recently we had… Read more »

Name the new Monkey Bars

What’s in a name? New Monkey Bars with telescoping poles that adjust to fit all our rear racks! And boy do they look good on the back of a cargo bike. There’s just one problem… We can’t agree on what to call the new Monkey Bars. We need your help. We’re holding a Naming Contest for the… Read more »

The Supermarket Street Sweep – Yuba Style

153 racers 15,358 lbs. of food 330,880 meals provided to date! The 12th Annual Supermarket Street Sweep was a huge whooping success this year, raising more money and collecting more food than ever before! The Supermarket Street Sweep is an annual fundraiser for the SF-Marin Food Bank where folks race to collect the most food from grocery stores… Read more »