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Announcing the “StokeMonkey Mundo”

Drew's StokeMonkey Mundo

Want the stability and handling of the Yuba Mundo and the power of the StokeMonkey? The eBike Store of Portland is now shipping Mundos equipped with StokeMonkey electric motor kits. Want to build  your own? The eBike store is also manufacturing and shipping the StokeMonkey Adapter Kit designed specifically for the Mundo.

Yuba Bicycles already offers an electric-assist version of the Mundo called elMundo as well as an electric upgrade kit for the Mundo. ElMundo is a front-hub motor system based on the eZee electric motor kit. The StokeMonkey Mundo is an alternative for riders that prefer the additional hill-climbing power of the popular, mid-drive StokeMonkey electric motor system.

StokeMonkey Adapter for the Yuba Mundo

Yuba Bicycles’ mission has always been to get people to use their bikes for everyday errands instead of their cars. Electric-assist systems enable the Mundo to go further distances in steeper terrains. The result is people will use their bicycles to make trips that they would normally make in their car, turning car-trips into bike-trips. Yuba is jazzed that they can offer riders multiple electric-assist solutions depending on their preferences. Whichever system you use, adding electric-assist perfectly complements the Mundo’s load-carrying capabilities and confidence-inspiring handling characteristics, enabling riders to comfortably go further, faster. Whether you are carrying groceries, children, a cooler full of beers or all of the above, the Mundo is “What a Bicycle Can Do!”

Prices and Availability

You can order your StokeMonkey Mundo at the eBike Store in Portland at 201 North Alberta Street, Portland, OR 97217 or order online at ebikestore.com. The elMundo sells for $2,597 and is shipping today. ElMundo electric power kit for the Mundo sells for $1,350. ElMundo is available at select Yuba Dealers Worldwide (see dealer map at www.yubabikes.com/dealers) or on their on-line store (yubabikes.com/yubashop).

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