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Admit it, you’ve always dreamed of doing this.

Once you ride a cargo bike for a while, you realize that the limitations of lesser bikes simply don’t exist. Nor do the limitations of driving a gas-powered vehicle.

During a recent photo shoot, we decided to celebrate the strengths of cargo bikes by setting up a few of our bicycle fantasies. Enjoy!

Ah, sweet beer, elixir of the Gods. Thank you to Lagunitas Brewery for letting us use (and drink) their delicious beers!



There’s this 1950’s idea that you could just strap your longboard to your beach cruiser and ride down the boardwalk to the beach. These days, the boards have gotten bigger, and most of us prefer a wetsuit to chutzpah to keep warm in the water. Thank you to Boga Paddle Boards for use of their excellent stand-up paddleboard.

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