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Adjustable Monkey Bars

A whole new way to keep them cozy!

Many moons ago we asked our riders and social media followers to tell us their hopes and dreams for the Monkey Bars.

How can we make them better, we asked.
Make them tougher, more versatile and easier to use, you said.

The new Adjustable Monkey Bars are all that and a bag of chips!

  • Easy to use spring clip attachments so the bars can come and go quickly.
  • Multiple configurations to suit the cargo as it grows like a weed.
  • Compatible with Yepp seats and other Yuba Add-Ons.
  • Adjustable to fit almost all our cargo bikes, including the Boda Boda OG.

Special Request: 4 water bottle cage mounts for easy access to H2O and soft bar tape for cold morning rides to school/ a cushy back rest. These were the #1 requests from our littlest riders.

Get FREE Shipping when you add the new Adjustable Monkey Bars to your Cargo Bike order!

One thought on “Adjustable Monkey Bars

  1. Nicole says:

    When will you have these back in stock.. the adjustable monkey bars

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