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Adding Sun Protection to the Peanut Shell

Periodically we barrow a bit of content from the blogosphere. This is a post from Tiny Helmets Big Bikes about how to install a sunshade on the Peanut Shell from Yuba rindin’ momma, Elle B.


First ride of the day, Little Brother got to pretend to be Big Brother. He loved the change of scenery.

PictureKeep my kiddos fed (constantly) and I can ride forever.

Picture Naptime. Note the drool.

I wish I could take all the credit for this idea but, alas, I stole it from another blog. Since I couldn’t get my first attempt at sun protection to work, I scrapped that idea and stumbled upon a different version. After looking for the covers at REI and finding them out of stock, I searched the Great Internet to find them on sale at Rocky Mountain Trail for just $15 a piece. The blog had only shown them on a PeaPod (similar to a Peanut Shell) so I knew that Big Brother’s seat was going to be a cinch but I took a gamble at trying to rig one for Little Brother’s and bought two, just in case. Litte Brother was the one I worried about most as he is up front and more exposed to the elements. We had started using the Yepp Windshield again since I found a stick (yes, a stick) in the little guy’s eye.

It turned out to be incredibly simple for both seats to become covered. I tried out the Yepp’s cover this morning by zip tying the back poles to the seat and then tucking it over the windshield. We rode around like that all day without much of a problem. I was worried that it would impair my vision of the road in front but it didn’t. When I got home this evening, I secured the front pegs with some stick on outdoor velcro and it was good to go. The back poles will slide in and out easily for quick mounting and dismounting of the wee one.

The Peanut Shell’s cover followed the same instructions as Everyday Adventure‘s. I drilled in two 1/4″ holes at the top of the seat and two more along the sides of the cross bar. My grommets were too loose so I used electrical tape to secure them. I didn’t want the poles in the front of the bar because my big guy already gets stuck getting in and out from under it and I didn’t want them poking him in the legs. I can’t wait to give them both a go tomorrow. The weather is heating up and I think this will make them both more comfortable and willing to ride longer distances in less than perfect weather. Also, if I need extra protection from the rain or sun, I now have a support to add on the stroller shades/rain covers as needed.


Little Brother wasn’t so sure of this new cave at first.


Picture Big Brother’s shade all buckled in.


Picture The Yepp’s holey seat makes for simple additions.


Picture Both covers firmly attached. I hope.

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