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A short email from Helen in Ireland

Dear Bob,

Firstly, just wanted to say what fun I am having with the Yuba Mundo. My two little kids love the ‘big orange bike’. We get asked about it a LOT when we are out and about – we’ve even been photographed by someone looking for a bike to carry twins. By the way, in case anyone else is looking to transport kids on one, the Polisport seats work perfectly and, because they have orange trim, match the bike really well.

Best regards,



2 thoughts on “A short email from Helen in Ireland

  1. Alex Sichel says:


    Can you tell me which Polisport works well with the Yuba. And does it allow you to use the Yuba pannier bags? I am looking for a child seat for my 4 year old that will also allow me to use the pannier bags, which the Peanut Shell doesn’t allow. The Bobike Maxi was recommended as an alternative, but I now read on this site that it doesn’t work with the new Yuba, which is the one I plan to buy as soon as I can resolve the bike seat question.

    Any more info about the Polisport would be greatly appreciated as I have never heard of this seat.


    Brooklyn, New York

    1. The Polisport seats are not sold in the USA (as far as I know). Bobike seats are not compatible. It is possible to use the Go-Getter bags when 1 Peanut Shell is installed on the carrier. You might want to look at this video.
      Also there are a few pictures about the panniers and Peanut Shell seats here.

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