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A New Accessory Gives Little Ones a “Leg Up”

Many Yuba riding parents have been asking us for an accessory that helps smaller “Big Kids” keep their balance while riding on the back of the Mundo. We brought this problem to our engineers, and they came up with this simple, effective solution.


Meet the Leg Up

The Leg Up accessory is part of the group of accessories that bridge the gap between when the child rides in a Peanut Shell and when their legs are long enough to reach the Side Loaders.

Together with the Hold On Bar, the Leg Up enables youngsters to support their own weight and hold on to the bike for themselves. The Leg Up pegs also allow smaller children to climb up onto the bike without adult assistance. Combine these two accessories with a Soft Spot seat, and the child ends up with their own cockpit just like Mommy’s (or Daddy’s) up front.

The Leg Up can be installed in minutes on all v4 Mundo’s and elMundo’s, using just a size 5 Allen key. It can be used with Wheelskirts and Go-Getter bags.

Manufactured in Berkeley, California.

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