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“Viva el Mundo Style” Video Contest!

Hey, Videographers and you over there with the video camera in your hand!  How would you like a $500 gift certificate for a brand new Yuba Mundo?  Yuba Bicycles is having a video contest.  You’ve seen our new videos, now it’s time for you to express your Yuba style!  Create something silly, something serious, something artsy.

Here are some ideas:

  • Living car-free
  • Hauling your stuff to the beach/trail/river
  • My bicycle-based business
  • Feeling more connected to your community
  • Riding with your kids
  • Standing on your head eating a Popsicle

The contest lasts for the entire month of October.  We’re judging all the videos on November 1st and will announce the winners on November 8th.  You’ve got a month to submit your videos so get shooting!  Or, take all that video you shot this summer and just get editing.

What can you win?

  • The 1st place winner gets a $500 gift certificate for a new Yuba Mundo
  • The 2nd place winner gets a $200 gift certificate for any Yuba product
  • The 3rd place winner gets a free Go-getter bag
  • Everyone gets full credit for their work which will be posted on Yuba’s web site – you’re the star!

Upload your videos to www.Youtube.com and send us an email.  Tell us something about your yourself, your video and include a link to your video.  Please add “Viva el Mundo Style” in the subject line so we can find all your great videos.

All contestants submitting videos agree to give Yuba Bicycles the right to freely use your videos in their on-line marketing at the end of the contest.

3 thoughts on ““Viva el Mundo Style” Video Contest!

  1. Steve says:

    the videos are rolling for the contest. We can’t wait to see yours!

  2. Travis Flett says:

    I am the Beer Ranger for New Belgium covering the Pikes Peak Region. Instead of calling on accounts downtown Colorado Springs via car I chose to Yuba ride for the day. Loved it!! Thanks for making such a practical ride to work off of. WHat a blast!!

    Travis Flett
    Pikes Peak Beer Ranger

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