The Ultimate Hipster Parent School Bus?

Ichi Bike from Modlab Multimedia on Vimeo.

This video is about one of our favorite Yuba Dealers, Ichi Bikes, in Des Moines, IA. Owned by cyclist and tattoo artist Dan Koenig, they specialize in custom cruisers, cruiser restoration and cargo bikes.

Just goes to prove that you don’t have to live on the Left Coast to be a hip dad.


3 comments on “The Ultimate Hipster Parent School Bus?

  1. Lindsay on

    Love this! Can’t wait to get my peanut shell, but also can’t wait to get rid of it when Jack is old enough to sit on the back deck! Is that a cup holder on the handle bar?

  2. C. Ryan Patterson on

    So great too see this. SCHOOL BUS PARENTS UNITE!!! I have been using a Yuba to transport my Older son (almost 9) around for over 2 years and my younger son (almost 2) has probably spent more time on my bike then in our family car. We live 14 city blocks from school and have made the trek too and from with both kids on the back MANY times. We dont have the electric assist but wish we did sometimes. However the bike really does balance the weight perfectly, the kids are so relaxed in the back that I rarely have a complaint. My older son has gotten a big too big to just sit there and chat while dad bikes up hill so this year I started using the side rails to tow his bike down to school so he can ride home a long side of me. He is an excellent city rider from practice on his own and watching from “back-seat” for the last couple of years. THANKS YUBA!!


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