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Dan Loves His elMundo in DesMoines

If you’re tired of feeling stuck in your car, save your money, take out a loan or sell a bunch of your useless stuff on eBay and buy the electric assist Yuba Mundo.  In the last two weeks I have commuted at least 250 miles on my bike hauling my children to swimming lessons and summer art camp and then off to my  job and back home.

The ability to get up hills without a complete melt down has been great considering it has been 100 + degrees and if you know Iowa, it ain’t like Arizona – no dry heat.  It’s moist and it sticks although I’m still peddling I’m not pouring  with sweat so I don’t need a shower as I would if I had no assist.  It has transformed my life and I am looking forward to all the rides I get to have.  It’s so wonderful how the trips around the town open up into little mini adventures without the dread of the hills.

The only obstacle is trying to stay off the streets that are too busy.  They are not so bad when I’m by myself but it’s not so good when I have the kids on the bike.  So if you’re thinking about getting one don’t delay it is a real treat!

Daniel Koenig,

DesMoines, IA

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