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Yuba “Change Your Mobility” Tour comes to Seattle!

The Great Yuba Tour of America (aka The Change Your Mobility Tour) continues to the Pacific Northwest!  We want you to join us in Seattle for a utility bike tour though town on Thursday, August 11th.  Where should we start? Where should we go?  You tell us!  Check out our latest route map and see if we’ll be in your neighborhood.  Wanna test ride a Mundo?  Wanna get a sweet deal on a demo Yuba?  Drop us a line!  For the full Yuba Tour, see our latest “Change your Mobility Tour” Map here!

Seattle Bicycle Club outing, Seattle, 1947

“Bicycles have been popular in the Seattle area since their introduction in the 1890s.  In this photo, taken in 1947, members of the Seattle Bicycle Club cycle along an unidentified Seattle road.”  University of Washington Libraries via Flickr.

The Cascade Bicycle Club is a great resource for information about bicycling in Seattle.

View YUBA Change Your Mobility Tour – Summer ’11 in a larger map


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