What makes Yuba’s bikes special?

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Yuba bicycles and add-ons are designed for everyday trips by ordinary people. We make bikes that help people live healthy and full lives without needing a car for their transportation. Picking up kids from school, dropping off 50 pounds of apples for a friend, giving a date a lift; this is what our bikes live for!

All of our bikes feature integrated racks and side-loaders giving them unusually high hauling capacity and unsurpassed stability under load. This means that even with two kids and this week’s groceries they ride like, well….a bike!

We spend a lot of time thinking about cargo. Our selection of Add-Ons are specifically designed to help you configure the bike to your specific lifestyle. For children, our accessories are designed to grow as the child grows. From the Yepp Maxi, to our Hold On Bars, Soft Spots and beyond; our Add-Ons will accommodate the needs of your growing family.

Kids are more than just cargo on a bike; they’re a loveable load that wriggles and interacts with the world. Yuba bikes are built to be stable and feel safe when carrying kids. With our integrated racks and one piece frames, our bikes do not flex when kids are riding shotgun. The stiffness of the frame translates into an extremely stable ride, even when your ‘cargo’ starts singing “The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round” at the top of their lungs!

The Mundo’s “wings” or Sideloaders and the Boda Boda’s Lovehandles are sturdy loading platforms to carry objects best supported from below. With the wings as a horizontal platform and the frame as a vertical support, very large objects can be securely strapped to your Yuba’s frame. In our opinion, this design is superior to front platforms or buckets because the Sideloaders can carry any sized object that can be strapped to them. Pick it up, secure it, and away you go!


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