How much can I really carry on your bikes?

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Our bikes are built with integrated frames and racks, making their carrying capacity virtually limitless. The Mundo’s Sideloaders and the Boda’s Lovehandles make it possible to carry ungainly things, from wooden pallets to kayaks and stand up paddle boards; from kids to unholy quantities of fruit!

Boda Boda:

The Boda Boda is rated for 220 pounds (100 kilos) of cargo – plus rider. This roughly equates into one adult passenger; 40 watermelons; 2 pony kegs and a kid, or whatever you want within reason! Its eight speed drivetrain with MegaRange makes it pretty easy to get up, down and around with your all your gear.


The Mundo can carry 440 pounds (200 kilos), plus the rider. That is approximately two adults; 1723 bananas; two full sized kegs and a drinking buddy, or whatever your legs can pedal. If you are planning to use the bike to transport bags of rice or concrete, it is probable that you will give out before your Mundo does. The rigidity of the frame makes it a great bike for heavier cyclists as well, because they do not have to concern themselves with frame flex, or stress-fracturing the frame. The Mundo’s 21 speed drive train with a front Granny gear and a rear MegaRange make it easy to get your stuff where you’re going (even way up that hill)!

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