Do Yubas fit on the bike rack on the public bus or Amtrak?

Posted on February 4th, by yubabikes in . Comments Off

Yes and no. The Boda Boda can fit onto most public transit bike racks. If it’s a tight fit, the front wheel can be rotated 180 degrees to shorten the wheelbase by 4″ more.  The Boda Boda also fits onto the Amtrak bike racks.

Unfortunately, the Yuba Mundo with its 59″ wheelbase, is generally too long to fit on to bus bike racks. Amtrak also has prohibitions against bringing longer bikes, such as tandems, recumbent and longtails on to American trains.

Fortunately, commuter subway and ferry systems generally don’t have prohibitions against longer bikes. Remember that you can flip you Mundo up on it’s rear wheel and Sideloaders to get it on elevators to get you down to the platform.

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