Why an electric bike?

electric bike cargo mundo 1024x681 Why an electric bike?

Superhero time.

There is nothing like the feeling of exhilaration that comes from riding your bike, leaning into the pedals, and going fast. The trees zip past, and you are transported back to that moment in your childhood, the moment your first dared to try to see how fast you could go on your bike. And you flew faster than the wind.

That feeling is what it is like to ride an electric bike. You are faster than  Superduperman and nothing can stop you. And its so much fun.


Forget futuristic “light cycles”, electric bikes are the future.

Other than the sheer joy to ride, there are a gazillion reasons why electric bikes are the personal transport vehicles of the future. Like any bicycle, electric bikes enable people to circumvent clogged arteries, park (almost) anywhere they want, and get some fresh air and exercise on their journey. The electric motor makes it possible for ordinary people to get up sisyphean hills, even with a load. For people with longer commutes, the motor cuts the travel time significantly, especially if hills are involved.

The cool part about electric bikes, is they are still bikes. You still get exercise, you still get to have fun outside, you still get places independently; it’s just a little faster and a lot more fun. There are naysayers out there who pooh-pooh the idea of electric bikes, suggesting that somehow they are “not real”; they probably have never considered what it really means to ride a bike for transportation. Like sometimes, you have two seven-year-olds, all their stuff and a grocery run to get home, and your last mile is a  7% grade hill.

This is why electric cargo bikes make a lot of sense. With a cargo bike, the functionality is much closer to a car than an ordinary bicycle. In a car, if you load a whole mess of heavy stuff into it, it just burns more gas getting you to your destination. On a cargo bike, a lone cyclist doesn’t necessarily have those deep energy reserves or that hard torque capacity. The electric motor gives the cyclist the “oomph” they need to get up that hill, haul that heavy stuff, or go the extra ten miles.

Electric bikes are inexpensive to operate as well. It costs about 3-5 cents per charge, and each battery charge can go 20-37 miles, depending on usage and terrain.


How does it work?

There are many different styles of electric bike – from front motors, to rear motors; throttle-driven systems to electric-assist systems. All these systems contain some basic elements:

Motor these are rated by the maximum amount of output in Watts. For example, a 500W motor has a greater output than a 350W motor.
Battery these are rated in Amp/hours and Volts. Amp/hours are basically a measure of how many Amps of energy they can deliver for how long. A 14Ah battery will last about 35% longer than a 10Ah battery.
Controller this the part of your the system that manages the signals from throttle and the power from the battery and directs it to the motor.
Display this is the part that communicates information about the system to the rider, such as how much energy is left in the battery, and how much the motor is working.


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electric bike cargo mundo 1024x681 Why an electric bike?Electric bikes are a viable alternative to gasoline-powered vehicles.



A new and promising alternative form of urban transportation:

Clean, Powerful, Practical, a true alternative to gasoline-powered vehicles.

An electric cargo bicycle is a new breed of vehicle, half bicycle, half electric vehicle. Electric Bicycles in general have numerous advantages such as free-parking, zero-emissions, freedom from gridlock and lots of extra power. But one of the main reason cars or electric cars come with a backseat and a truck is because people need to carry stuff and/or passengers. This is why the green power of an electric bicycle combined with the utility of a cargo bike makes it the vehicle of choice for urban and suburban transportation in the 21st century.

An electric cargo bicycle offers:

serious utility from kids to stand-up-paddleboards.
safety and durability thanks to the long wheelbase and steel chassis.
• a range of 15-25 miles depending on terrain and pedaling.
• a top of speed of 20-23 miles/ hour.
• a cost per charge of only 3-5 cents.

An electric cargo bicycle is a regular bicycle with an electric motor mounted either on the front wheel or the rear wheel. The rider can pedal the electric cargo bike and use the motor whenever desired by simply twisting the throttle. The electric assistance is totally smooth and silent, it complements beautifully human power. Electric Bikes and Electric Cargo Bicycles are fully legal on the road in the USA (local regulations might apply for max power and top speed).

An electric bike is composed of four essentials elements:
• the motor or hub motor exists either in the direct drive version or the geared version.
• the battery pack that can be made of different chemical combinations determines how fast and how far your e-bike is going to go.
• the controller, that manages the power from the battery and delivers it to the hub motor.
• the throttle can be motorcycle like or a thumb throttle.

When selecting an Electric Cargo Bicycle it is important to assess how much range and power is needed. The battery is the essential component, selecting it properly is going to determine what kind of experience you are going to have with your electric cargo bike. The considerations regarding the battery pack include range, price, weight, environmental impact, current capability.
Type of use or terrain => energy usage from 6 to 20 Wh/k, from slow to fast&loads.
Voltage => speed, range.
Chemistry => cost, weight, life cycle, environmental impact.

The elMundo, the electric Cargo Bike of choice.

FAQ about electric bikes and the Mundo Electric Cargo Bike