Supermarché FAQ

How much can the Supermarché carry?

The Supermarché can carry up to 300 lbs. (136kg) plus the rider.  Payload is 220 lbs. for the front rack (99.7 kg) and 80 lbs. (36.3kg) for the rear rack.  That’s a couple of kegs up front and a pile of wood on the back.  Or that’s two kiddos, the family pet, groceries for a week, backpacks, gym clothes and a watermelon up front and a couple of cases of Lagunitas on the back.

Supermarché cargo bike Carry kids by cargo bike

I’m short/tall. Will the Supermarché fit me?

Our bikes are designed to almost everyone; they are meant to be shared. The Supermarché will comfortably fit riders 4’9” to 6’5”.  With features like quick release seat post collar and adjustable handle bars everyone can get the perfect fit on this cargo bike.  The low step-through frame allows all riders to get going easily, even when fully loaded. 

See the Geometry and Specs of the Supermarché.

Why haul the cargo in the front of the bike?

There are two main reasons why folks love front loading cargo bikes; control over the load and an eye on the cargo.  

The Supermarché is designed with a super low front rack offering a extra low center of gravity resulting in better control over the load; not to mention a huge carrying capacity.  Haul up to 220 lbs. in front and 80 lbs. on the rear rack.  

Second, for folks hauling kids or dogs or precarious cargo, having a view of the load is essential.  You can play referee and provide snacks upon request without stopping.  

Can I add electric assist to the Supermarché?

Of course you can add electric assist to the Supermarché. We suggest this eRAD mid-drive kit. Great for heavy duty cargo hauling and serious hill climbing!  Tested and approved by our cargo bike experts!

Is the Supermarché a good cargo bike to carry kids?

Absolutely! The front cargo area of the Supermarché is spacious enough for two or three kids and the groceries.  We offer a two child jump seat with 3-point harnesses for both the hard and soft cargo boxes.  In addition, there is a mounting bracket for the Yepp Maxi child seat integrated into the rear rack.

carry kids by cargo bike

Do you offer a warranty on The Supermarché?

Yes!  Yuba offers a 2-year warranty on the frame from date of purchase, for the original owner.

How much does the Supermarché weigh?

The Supermarché weighs in at about 58 lbs. (26.3 kg) without the cargo, of course.  With a weight capacity of 300 lbs. plus the rider; this cargo bike can more than carry it’s own weight.