Spicy Curry FAQ

Are the 2-Go Bags compatible with the Yepp Maxi child seat?

Yes! the Yepp Maxi child seat is compatible with the 2-Go Bags on the Spicy Curry V2.  To use them together, first remove the top weather flap and slide the child seat over the rack with the feet inside the bag on each side of the rack. It takes a little wiggling. You can easily add a Soft Spot for a second little rider, no problem.

carry kids by cargo bike

Do I have to wear a helmet when riding an electric bike?

California State Law requires that all people riding electric bikes wear approved helmets. Check with regulations in your local area.

Is the Spicy Curry a good cargo bike to haul my kids?

Absolutely!  The Spicy Curry is designed with a 20” rear wheel for a lower center of gravity and better control over your precious cargo.  The powerful mid-drive motor will assist you up any hill, no matter how much you’re carrying.  With great family Add-Ons designed to grow with your family, everyone can travel safely and comfortably around town with groceries and backpacks in tow. 

How fast will this electric cargo bike go?

All of our electric cargo bikes are set at a maximum speed of 20 mph.

Which child seats will work?

The Spicy Curry features a Yepp Compatible deck. It is possible to install in a few seconds the Yepp Maxi Easy Fit. Note that you will not need the adapter to install the Yepp seat on the deck.

Are you going to offer a pedal-only version of the Spicy Curry?

Yes!  Meet the Sweet Curry.  She’s the pedal powered sister to the Spicy Curry.  The Sweet Curry will be available mid-April 2017.


Sweet curry at interbike

Do the platforms (Carry-On) for the truck bed work as foot supports too?

The Carry-On platforms can be used either as “truck bed”, treatment inserted in the tube on top of the racks or they can be inserted lower. For feet support we do recommend the Sideboards for Spicy Curry.

What car rack do you recommend for the electric Cargo Bike?

The big challenge with electric bikes on bike is the additional weight of the motor systems, which typically add ~15-20 pounds to a bike. We recommend The Hollywood Racks Sport Rider for Electric Bikes (HR1450E). It is an easy-to-use hitch mounted rack that fits standard 2″ trailer hitches on cars or trucks. Designed for the additional weight of electric bikes, it has the capacity for two elMundos . The sliding wheel supports make it easy to adjust to longer wheelbase bikes, such as the Mundo, and also fit a shorter wheelbase bike such as a Boda Boda or a road bike.

Putting the bikes in the rack is easy, even for people with less upper body strength. Simply lift up the front wheel, and place it in the rack, and then lift the rear of the Mundo up by it’s frame and pop it into the rack.

We  were concerned that the sideloaders would rub and scratch the paint on the second bike. In our test, this did not happen, because the sideloaders rubbed up against the rubber of the tires on the second bike. If it was a major concern, a user could tape or zip tie some cardboard between the bikes to prevent any contact at all.

The rack conveniently folds up against the vehicle when not in use.

**Please remember if driving with an electric bike to remove the batteries before putting your electric bike on a car rack, because the vibrations of the road can decrease battery life.

Do I need a special license to ride an electric bike? How old do I have to be?

In general, adults don’t need a license or permit to ride an electric bike in the United States. In some states, there are age limits and permitting requirements for teenagers.

Electric bike laws vary state to state, you can find the specifics for your state here.

How much does the Spicy Curry weigh

The Spicy Curry weighs only 55lbs including the battery and the side kickstand.