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Elle Bustamante is the mother of two and works as an outreach coordinator for a home stay program in Sacramento, CA. Prior to having children, she loved to go on extended bike tours with her friends and husband. Before she got her Yuba Mundo, the family went on a few bike tours using a trailer. You can read about her adventures in her blog at Tiny Helmets, Big Bikes.

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Fast forward to life with a Mundo: I am the mother of two: ages one and four. I work at Practical Cycle, where I got my Mundo. Our shop is geared towards regular folks—no spandex, no funny shoes. I refused to leave—I liked it so much—they eventually started paying me. I love talking about the biking lifestyle; ways to get out of cars and enjoy the freedom of the outdoors.
Our family made the decision to use bicycling as transportation. With the help of our Mundo-minivan, we’ve become car-free much faster and easier than we had thought was possible. The Mundo was our catalyst. We have one solid piece of equipment that can carry all our gear/kid combos. We feel safe, stable, and very smooth. My favorite part is the one-piece frame, the lack of flex was what sold me over cheaper solutions. My goal is to help others see how easy it is to make the transition to a biking lifestyle. Once riding our bike became so simple, getting rid of the car felt very natural.

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The most important asset for a bicycle, in my opinion, is that it can fit different niches of our life. I don’t want a bike that is just for racing/touring/kid-hauling. The Mundo fit the bill perfectly. Outside of my mommy duties, I schlep around event booths for an exchange student program that I run. When we have free time, we often load up the kids and our camping gear and head out for a biking overnight (or more if we can). If the hubby and I have a little time alone, the Mundo makes an amazing date vehicle. When I meet up with friends to go on rides, I’m always happy to tow an extra bike to share. We have used the bike for large loads, long distances, hills, and everyday errands.
So far, in about 7 months, we’ve put about 3000 miles on the Mundo. The only maintenance it’s needed has been a new rear tube, cables tightened, and some chain oil. It is well-built and easy to ride. Our boys are excited to ride and describe the world around as we roll. They are more involved with what is going on in our community and love to act like we’re in a parade. We are all getting the fresh air we need and I get plenty of exercise. It is important to me that we are showing our boys that an active life is the key to a happy, healthy lifetime. The Mundo has been the best purchase for our family, ever!

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