That Biking Family

dad 2kids bodaboda 225x300 That Biking Family“The kids and I went from riding to and from school to going everywhere by bike, becoming somewhat obsessed with all things cargo bike.”

Our transformation into “that biking family” began when my younger son couldn’t make the mile walk to school and my older wouldn’t ride in a stroller. Dreading the pick-up and drop-off at school, I searched the internet and found a cargo bike (a Madsen). I had to have it, though I had not ridden a bike in years. My family pitched in—Happy Birthday—and bought the bike, none of us knowing how much it would change our lives.
My husband, Pete, didn’t yet share in my obsession. That’s when I took him to Yuba for a test ride of the not-yet-released Boda Boda. He tried one with electric-assist and declared afterward that if he had that bike, he would ride it to work every day (12 miles one way). Our bike-heavy vacation to Northwest solidified his desire to go cargo. We purchased our Boda Boda—for his practicality and style—at an amazing shop in Sacramento, Practical Cycle. It can haul a lot of stuff, it can carry our two kids, and it can fit on public transportation—buses, BART, Amtrak—our other cargo cannot. All that, and we always get compliments on its looks.
We’ve had so much fun. We turned it into a pirate ship for Halloween, we’ve let friends take it for a spin, and we’ve carried loads of kids and groceries. Pete began longing for BionX (electric-assist). About a month after our original purchase we took our bike on an adventure back to Sacramento to get electric-assist installed. Pete has officially become a bike commuter. Sure, we drive sometimes, when we need to head out of town, but most days our whole family gets around solely by bike—we love every minute of it.