Super Recycler Dad

mark s sofa 1024x1024 Super Recycler Dad“I love the Mundo’s ability to carry especially large loads with confidence. Paired with electric assist, it’s replaced many car– and truck– trips for our family.”

Mark Stosberg is a bike activist, environmentalist, website developer and co-founder of the Bikes-as-Transportation website. He and his wife use their elMundo to haul kids and cargo, and put in a dent in climate change in Richmond, Indiana.

One of Mark’s many hobbies is to recycle difficult-to-recycle items such as sofas, ewaste, Christmas trees etc. He does this with a Bikes-at-Work trailer and his elMundo—piling it high with awkward, yet recyclable, loads.

Read more about Mark’s adventures at Bikes as Transportation.

mark s ewaste 1024x768 Super Recycler Dad

The elMundo with a load of e-waste.

mark s cardboard 1024x386 Super Recycler Dad

Miles and miles with a load of cardboard for recycling.

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