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Paul Freeman is the founder and evil mastermind behind the Rock the Bike and the Bike Music Festival. He is an inventor and advocate pushing the limits of bike culture because he dreams of spreading the spirit of bikes into the broader culture by organizing, entertaining, inspiring and educating people.

paul stable 300x168 Rock the Bike

[The} Mundo...rides very stable even with a heavy load. Here's me practicing riding with one foot down a country road while carrying a full touring load in addition to my Blue Whale.

I have been customizing bikes with music systems (“Soul Cycles”) and recently used a V3 Mundo to make my “Blue Whale,” a Pedal Power generator, Pro-sound Loudspeaker, cargo bike and Mobile performance platform in one. The Mundo’s wide size range and stiff frame make it a great choice for a Pedal Power bike: we need to make sure riders of all sizes can pedal at our Pedal Powered concerts.

I moved to the Bay Area in 2000, in part to join the cargo bike revolution happening here. I’ve been selling, riding, testing, breaking, fixing, and customizing load-carrying bikes since 2002. I love the bicycle’s role in improving the strength of local communities. As a symbol of this, I have been working on and innovating the Pedal Powered Stage, a system that allows people to work together to power concerts. When people get a taste of really satisfying teamwork experience, it energizes them to make their city more community-oriented and bike friendly.

I love the process of customizing a bicycle. The problem-solving, 3D thinking, and teamwork involved are totally different from computer-based work that I do in other aspects of my working life.

The Yuba Mundo has a very simple rigid rear rack with a rectangular shape, and over a dozen points for bolting your invention / contraption. Plus it’s steel, so it can handle the abuse bikes take during the customization process and at our concerts.

bmf2012 Rock the Bike

This is the San Francisco Bicycle Music Festival’s power generation array; you can see several Mundos being used as Pedal Power generators.

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