Bicycles for Biodiversity

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Carlos Andrés Delgado Vélez is a biologist who uses his Yuba Mundo as a research tool, a portable field lab, and an outreach tool in his study of wildlife in urban environments. His Itinerant Bicycle Biodiversity Lab is currently operational in Medellin, Columbia; he has a second lab in Australia. The Itinerant Bicycle Biodiversity Lab can be found online here.

Yuba as a desk in the field Bicycles for BiodiversityMy name is Carlos Andrés Delgado Vélez, an urban cyclist that have used bicycles for fun, for commuting, and especially for utility. I studied Biology in Colombia, South America and I am currently doing a PhD in Australia. My passion is to monitor, document, compile, publish and diffuse natural history information of urban and suburban areas.

As a result I created Bicycles for Biodiversity, a non-motorized project that seeks to document impacts of human activities and infrastructure, especially those associated with urbanization phenomena and motorised traffic, on the ecology and natural history of wildlife while promoting utility cycling using Yuba Bicycles. Moreover, Bicycles for Biodiversity is a proactive approach to monitoring and documenting biodiversity and natural history, conduct urban and road ecology studies, teach about urban, suburban and rural biodiversity and share how to maintain and conserve biodiversity minimizing the use of motorized vehicles as their negative effects already known in pedestrians and cyclist have additional detrimental effects on wildlife.

Through filmmaking, photography, and writing material produced in association with  Trogón Audiovisual  and Aburrá Natural, we promote local biodiversity knowledge and raise awareness of the fauna still present near urban areas so that it can change public perceptions of the natural world, promote interaction with nature, educate about biodiversity and engage the community in the management and conservation of their own biodiversity in urban, periurban and rural areas.

Yuba Mundo as itinerant urban biodiversity teaching board In this case teaching about wildlife roadkills 300x199 Bicycles for BiodiversityYuba Bicycles have allowed us to do studies and document biodiversity in a more sustainable, proactive, effective, inexpensive, simple, fun and low impact way. Our Yuba Mundo is indeed a powerful tool to conduct and share with others urban biodiversity and it is also an amazing transportation way to participate in research, education and conservation. Our Yuba Mundo hauls education activities, photographic and audio equipment, research, environmental programs and itinerant conservation promotional messages, all which needs to be loaded with laboratory and field work stuff that have easily carried by it.

We daily ride Yuba Mundo not just for conducting research and education but also for commuting, sport, and recreation. Riding Yuba Mundo under the amazing variety of microclimates of our continent has confirmed us over and over that this bicycle loves to be ridden in the mountains and valleys of the Andes and in the Illawarra escarpment, where our project and daily live is mainly based.

Monitoring and documenting urban birdlife by cargo bike Bicycles for Biodiversity

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