Bicycle Astronomy Project

Doug Reiley is an educator, parent and commuter in upstate New York. He’s also a avid amateur astronomer, who throws “Star Parties” in dark parks near his house for the benefit of his friends and neighbors. The Bicycle Astronomy Project can be found online here.

doug reiley bicycle astronomy cargo bike 1024x680 Bicycle Astronomy ProjectMy name is Doug Reilly, and I live in the city of Geneva, NY. I am passionate about humanity persisting on planet Earth, and I believe that looking up into a dark sky full of stars, planets and galaxies is not only a right but a transformative experience.

I am an amateur astronomer and I run a project called Bicycle Astronomy. I carry a telescope (two actually) on my Yuba Mundo and do spontaneous stargazing events all around my city. My goal is to get people to look up, be awed by the universe, and then get down to the business of creating a more sustainable community.

The Yuba Mundo not only serves as transportation for astronomer and telescope, it’s also a thought-provoking symbol of a sustainable lifestyle choice. I chose the Yuba Mundo because it was the sturdiest of cargo bicycles and seemed to me to have the most mature and thought-through design. It was the right decision; I love my Mundo! I use it just about every day, and when it’s not working for Bicycle Astronomy, it’s carrying groceries, my nine-year-old daughter Zora, or bringing me back and forth to work. On the rare occasion I have to drive my car, I feel like I’m cheating on my Mundo.

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The Yuba Mundo helps me live a more sustainable future, right here and now. And it’s fun to ride to boot!

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