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The coolest Yuba Mundos on the road in Portland are the ones decked out by Portland Pedal Power (PPP). PPP has taken cargo bikes to the next level by equipping them with the Pyxis, our custom designed enclosure. The Pyxis turns a cargo bike into a delivery and marketing system that features 23 square feet of advertising space and 15.8 cubic feet of cargo capacity- enough to deliver lunch to over 90 people with a single bike.

portland pedal power cargo bike 300x200 Portland Pedal PowerPPP delivers food and other products from Portland’s most popular restaurants, food carts, and stores to offices and residences. Their fleet includes five Yuba Mundo’s (and growing). Three are standard cargo bikes and two are equipped with electric assist, just to keep things interesting.

PPP is on the road all year round, so our bikes need to be able to handle Portland’s coldest and wettest days. Our first Yuba Mundo, a V1 model, entered service over three years ago and is active in the fleet today (long live Big Blue!).

PPP has created a scalable business model that connects businesses with customers and strengthens communities using bicycles. They’re fine tuning the model in Portland and then plan to expand to other bike friendly cities. We are passionate about building relationships with other like-minded businesses and individuals. If you want to connect with Portland Pedal Power, check them out on Facebook, Twitter, or send them an email.

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Thanks to the team at Yuba for being a great partner and providing a quality platform for our business! We think you are doing great things for the cargo bike movement.

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