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Rose Slam! Johnson is a chef and micro-entrepreneur serving the San Francisco Bay Area. He food is fresh, healthy, and most of all delicious. Her website can be found here.

kbrodgesell hotbike MG 8018 200x300 Hot BikeI care about Bikes, Food and People. I tipped my bike wheels into the food scene in the Bay Area more then 5 years ago. In 2010 I started a small bicycle delivery service, Apothocurious, featuring the seasonal foods I transformed into Hummus, Salsa, Salad and Pesto. My flavor slams were well liked and were requested at parties, served hot in corn tortillas. I stuck with the bicycle for transportation and started to envision a bigger, customized set up. That’s where Hot Bike, a kitchen built on the back of a Yuba Mundo, came into the scene.

My friend Paul, owner and mastermind behind Rock the Bike, encouraged me to build this dream food bike on the back of a Yuba Mundo. Claims of carrying capacity, ease of customization, and a great organization were fulfilled in the test riding, building, and performance of Hot Bike!

I carry a two-burner stove, propane tank, cooler full of tasty food, and everything else I need for an event on the back of my Yuba Mundo Hot Bike! It’s a head turner. A fully loaded, extra long, orange HOT Bike rolling down the streets has people yelling; “Dang! Where you going with all that stuff?” I love the attention. I whip out a Hot Bike! sticker and a Yuba card and encourage them to follow me to the tasty event I am usually headed towards. The stove swivels into action from its carrying position, I put down the customized lunar landers, post the menu, and fire up the grill. I can be serving hot tacos in less then 30 minutes. I have also created menus for fancy grilled cheese and happy bean burgers.

setup hallofflowers Hot Bike

One of my favorite things about Hot Bike! is that everything is removable. I got a seat for the back and a set of handle bars. This has allowed me to take my friends and family for very fun rides on the back. From my North Oakland home I have transported friends to Lake Temescal, the Berkeley Marina, and picked up some little friends from preschool.

riding hallofflowers Hot Bike

I have used Hot Bike! to sell food at various events, cater volunteer parties and social gatherings (including a wedding in Santa Barbara), and host community supported fundraisers in remote locations. The possibilities of locations and menus are endless and inspiring.

View the Hot Bike! website here….

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