Electric FAQs

How fast do the ebikes go?

The maximum speed of electric Yuba cargo bikes is 20 miles (32 kilometers) per hour, the maximum allowed under US law.

How far can you go on one charge?

Depending on the amount of weight on your bike, the terrain, the weather, and how much you use the assist, you can expect to go 25-63 miles (40-102 kilometers) per charge.

Is the motor loud?

The electric motors on Yuba bicycles are essentially silent. In fact, most people probably won't notice that you are riding an electric bike.

Do I have to pedal to make the ebike go?

The electric systems installed on Yuba bicycles are designed to be electric-assist systems, meaning they help you go when you pedal. If you don't want any help, you simply dial back the assist; if you want a little more, crank it up.

Do I need a special license to ride an electric bike? How old do I have to be?

In general, adults don't need a license or permit to ride an electric bike in the United States. In some states, there are age limits and permitting requirements for teenagers. Electric bike laws vary state to state, you can find the specifics for your state here.    

Do I have to wear a helmet riding an electric bike?

California State Law requires that all people riding electric bikes wear approved helmets. Check with regulations in your local area.

Help! My electric system won’t turn on! What can I do?

Due to the simplicity of electric motor systems for bicycles, it is pretty easy for a reputable mechanic to troubleshoot your bike.

Your best bet is to take the bike to the local bike shop where you purchased it, and ask them to check it out. If it is under warranty, we will work with them to get your bike fixed and back to you as fast as possible.

If you have moved to a new area since you purchased your electric Yuba, you can find an experienced shop in your area by checking with the Light Electric Vehicle Association.  

What is the warranty for the electric system?

The BionX electric system is warrantied to be free from defect for 2 years from the date of purchase.

How much does a replacement battery cost?

The cost of a replacement battery is $845 + shipping.

What is the life span of the battery?

The battery have a lifetime of about 500 charges, meaning about 2 years worth of full charges and discharges for a person using the bike every working day for a 30 mile trip.

What does it cost to ride?

Yuba electric cargo bicycles require about 400Wh to travel roughly 20 miles (or 32 km). This means a trip of 100 miles would cost less than 68 cents at current PG&E prices. Additional operational costs are normal bicycle maintenance (2 tuneups a year, less than $200) and end-of-life battery replacement (about every two years). Your Yuba Electric Cargo Bicycle will be by far the most cost effective vehicle you’ll ever own.

What car rack do you recommend for the elMundo BionX and elBoda?

The big challenge with electric bikes on bike is the additional weight of the motor systems, which typically add ~15-20 pounds to a bike. We recommend The Hollywood Racks Sport Rider for Electric Bikes (HR1450E). It is an easy-to-use hitch mounted rack that fits standard 2" trailer hitches on cars or trucks. Designed for the additional weight of electric bikes, it has the capacity for two elMundos . The sliding wheel supports make it easy to adjust to longer wheelbase bikes, such as the Mundo, and also fit a shorter wheelbase bike such as a Boda Boda or a road bike. IMG 1370 Electric FAQs Putting the bikes in the rack is easy, even for people with less upper body strength. Simply lift up the front wheel, and place it in the rack, and then lift the rear of the Mundo up by it's frame and pop it into the rack. IMG 1368 Electric FAQs We  were concerned that the sideloaders would rub and scratch the paint on the second bike. In our test, this did not happen, because the sideloaders rubbed up against the rubber of the tires on the second bike. If it was a major concern, a user could tape or zip tie some cardboard between the bikes to prevent any contact at all. The rack conveniently folds up against the vehicle when not in use. **Please remember if driving with an electric bike to remove the batteries before putting your electric bike on a car rack, because the vibrations of the road can decrease battery life.