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Special Edition PeopleForBikes Boda

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8th April

PeopleForBikes and Yuba Bicycles have partnered to launch a limited edition Boda Boda cargo bike to raise money for bicycling infrastructure.

The 50 Boda Bodas will feature PeopleForBikes colors and branding so that bicyclists can show their support for improving

Man Pedals Across America with his Dog on a Cargo Bike

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16th October

A Texas man is pedaling his bike across the United States with his dog in a grassroots campaign to support nonprofit animal shelters and urge pet seekers to avoid so-called puppy mills.

Yuba Bicycles Story on Video

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18th April

How does one start a bicycle company making Cargo Bikes? What inspires us at Yuba, what fuels our vision? In this Video you will learn how Yuba Bicycles was started. Listen to what riders think of the Mundo and the …

If MacGyver rode a bicycle, it would likely be this one.

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14th October

“Yuba’s elBoda Boda is an unusual cargo bike. It isn’t much longer than a normal bike, but it is quite capable of getting the job done whether you are hauling cargo for work or precious cargo for fun.”…

Wall Street Journal: “Cargo Bikes: The New Station Wagon”

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8th July

ON A RECENT SUNDAY, Brandon Jones, a 44-year-old fund manager at 9W Capital Management, traveled from his home in downtown Manhattan with his wife and two children to meet friends for brunch in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They were heading to Reynard, …

Boda Boda Cargo Bike. What’s all the noise?

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16th March

When America’s #1 Bicycling magazine selects a Cargo Bike to be featured among racing bikes, there must be a reason. Find out why the world’s lightest and most compact Cargo Bike the Boda Boda is a two-wheel revolution. At only …

Boda Boda Wins a Green Dot Award

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25th April

The Green Dot Awards recognize businesses that have exceptionally high environmental standards and meet the needs of the present without compromising future generations. This year’s winner in the Transport category is the Boda Boda.…