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  • elMundo Electric Cargo Bike
  • elMundo Electric Cargo Bike
  • elMundo Electric Cargo Bike
  • elMundo Electric Cargo Bike
  • elMundo Electric Cargo Bike
  • elMundo Electric Cargo Bike
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Electrify your ride
The elMundo V5 is outfitted with a 750 Watt eRAD mid-drive electric motor and 48V, 11.6 Ah battery. That means power, speed and none of that pesky range anxiety.   This electric mid-drive system is built super tough; perfect for heavy duty cargo hauling and designed all the latest e-bike technology to ensure you and your cargo bike grow old together.  The elMundo V5 comes equipped with a handy throttle button for extra pick-up under load or extra fun when it’s just you and a cargo bike.

Who needs a car?
Be the envy of the drop-off line at school, run errands in record time, and save that gas money for a bottle of wine. The Yuba elMundo V5 electric cargo bike can completely replace your family’s minivan. With the electric assist, your family’s weekend adventures can be as long as, well, the weekend.  As any cargo bike family will tell you, more bike time means more fun family time for everyone.

Solid as a rock
The Yuba elMundo V5 is a built rock solid with no flex Chromoly steel and all the best components to keep you on the road for years to come.  With reliable disc brakes, LED lights powered by front Dynamo hub and seamless controls at your fingertips, this electric cargo bike is designed for the ultimate ride, every time.    

eRad system offers

  • 1 Yr Warranty on Motor and Battery
  • 48V 11.6Ah Battery
  • 5 Levels of assist
  • Long Range

Yuba offers 2-Year Warranty on frame.

Assembly video coming soon!

4 out of 5

This is truly a life-changing machine. Being an avid cyclist I’ve long been envious of the cargo bike-crowd. With two young kids (2 and 4 years-old) having them actually excited about trips to the store is the best.

The bike has plenty of power thanks to the mid-drive, we even towed the wife’s bike and had her jump on in lieu of one of the boys for a quick haul up a strong 11% grade – and the el mundo performed like a champ.

There is some tail flex when our older boy sits way in the back without someone in the middle, especially if he’s rocking side to side (which he thinks is pretty funny), but not enough to feel out of control, just noticeable. Otherwise the frame is solid.

The geometry works great for me (5’11”) and my wife (5’4”) with just a quick change of the seat height. The stock bell is too far away to be useful – I replaced it with a low profile Spurcycle bell that fits closer to the grip. Also the larger cargo pannier is not worth getting if you have a child’s seat in the back as the footrests impede the rear catches for the pannier. We’ll upgrade to the front basket to solve that one.

The gearing is adequate for all our needs, especially in hilly terrain, and as long as you still have a charge. Running out of power is a quick reminder how much the bike (not to mention the cargo) weighs. A second battery is definitely on the horizon for longer trips.

All in all, for having the bike for less than a month and already putting 200+ miles on it, I’d say it’s worth the savings in gas alone, not to mention the fun factor!


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