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Boda Boda All-Terrain


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Introducing the Boda Boda All-Terrain: Yuba’s first designated off-road cargo bike, built mission-ready.

While some may look to the Mundo for carrying the kids, the Boda Boda for quick trips to the grocery store or Yoga class, and the Spicy Curry for a quick way to climb serious hills, the All-Terrain is the bike for the mountains, for the rugged trails – for the adventure you’ve always wanted to take, by cargo bike!

It’s stealthy attitude and solid-built frame allow you to take anything and anyone with you. With hydraulic disc brakes, WTB grips, saddle, tires, rims, and a 220-pound cargo capacity, it doesn’t limit where you can go, what you can take or who you can go along.

And, it comes in Special Ops Black—only!

  • 2×10 SRAM
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Aluminum Frame & Cro-Mo Fork
  • WTB All-Terrain Sport Tires
  • WTB rims
  • WTB Saddle and Grips
  • Color Black only
  • Wheelskirts
  • Side Stand
  • 2-Year Warranty (frame)
  • Hauls up to 220 lbs. of cargo PLUS the rider
  • Weighs in at 39 lbs.
  • Yepp compatible rear rack with two integrated mounting brackets

Click for a Step-By-Step Assembly Video of the Boda Boda All-Terrain


5 out of 5

I bought my Boda Boda All -Terrain e bike about a year ago and use it to take my son to school and pick him up everyday its faster than driving a car at those hours. No problems to reports and would recommend to anybody who needs to commute around town and can take a friend with you.


michael w Long
5 out of 5

The Boda Boda All-Terrain has been a great solution to my daily commuting needs in Washington, D.C. I have ridden it nearly every day for the past nine months, taking my son to school and then continuing on to work. I especially appreciate the stability of the bike with a passenger; my son routinely switches from facing forward, to the side, and then facing backward, without impacting my balance. When he wants to play with a pal, I can take both him and his buddy to a nearby park and the added weight hardly slows us down. I have found the Boda Boda All-Terrain to be a reliable friend and could not imagine our urban life without it!


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