It's not just a bike, it's a lifestyle.

Where will you go? What will you bring? Your imagination and your leg’s ability to meet the challenge are your only limitations. This is life with Yuba’s original cargo bike: the Mundo. Take whatever you want, wherever you want.

Rock solid, nimble, and full of possibility; it’s a workhorse through and through. Make it your family’s second car, your company’s delivery “van”, your school bus, or your errand-runner. Ditch the car all together? No matter its role in your life, the Mundo will transform the way you move—guaranteed.

What makes the Mundo different from other cargo bikes? Glad you asked! It’s simply more fun to ride. Its stiff frame is the ultimate in maneuverability and control, meaning you can manage heavier loads and relax while riding with your kids.

The features and performance—the incredible ride and extensive line of add-ons—offered by the Mundo are unmatched by any other utility bike for the price—yes, we’re biased, but it’s true. If there’s joy in practicality, the Mundo will make you ecstatic.

Ride like the wind. We’ll see you out there.

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(all Mundos are delivered with Wheelskirts installed on fenders)


All-steel frame for superior strength and stiffness.…

mundo side loaders

Side loaders can support cargo or give passengers a place to put their feet.…

mundo integrated rear rack

The Mundo’s integrated rear rack is welded to the frame, resulting in unsurpassed cargo hauling ability, stiffness and strength.…

mundo braze-ons

Ample Braze-ons allow for easy configuration and installation of Yuba accessories.…

mundo kickstand

The beefy Stand Alone kickstand keeps the bike nicely balanced when you are loading it with groceries, kids or kayaks.…

Mundo hub

Our bombproof hub will stand up to abuse from heavy loads and potholes.…

mundo dropouts

Reinforced dropouts ensure smooth shifting, and sturdy support of loads.…

mundo disc brake

Disc-compatible rims come standard on all Mundos, making it easy for disc brake conversion.…

mundo fenders

Fenders come standard.…

mundo utility deck

Bamboo utility deck comes standard with the bike and protects it from scratches.…

cargo bike 500mm seat post

The oversized cargo bike 500mm seat post makes it possible for the Yuba Mundo to accommodate riders of all heights and weights.…

mundo conversion ready frame

The Yuba Mundo is designed for upgrades. giving riders maximum flexibility.…

  • • Superbly Stiff Frame
    • Nimble Handling
    • Mega Load Capacity
    • Multiple Passenger Capacity
    • Most Popular Cargo Bike in North America for the last 5 years
  • "Europe says the Yuba Mundo is #1!"
    - Danish Cycling Federation, May 2014

    "The Mundo is exceptionally versatile and a great choice for a cargo bike if you’re looking to pick up the kids from daycare, drop them off at swimming, pick up groceries and carry their two wheels when they’re too tired to keep riding. This is the perfect bicycle for a family with two kids! It’s not too heavy but also feels extremely sturdy."
    - Momentum Magazine 7/22/12

    "...half the fun of this bike is seeing what crazy things you can strap down and ride with."
    - Pedal Press, Fall 2012

    "The best thing about the bike so far is that my son has begged each morning to go for a ride on it instead of begging to play with the iPad."
    - Jackie G., Cedar City, UT