The elMundo is the Mundo—electrified!

Somewhere between the electric car and the bicycle lies the electric bicycle; more specifically, the electric cargo bicycle. So, why electrify? Among the laundry list of positive attributes inherent to the electric bike, here are a handful of our favorites:

  • It’s fun: When we say fun, we mean really, really fun. First-time-on-a-bike fun. Wind-whipping-through-your-hair fun. Superhero fun. Get it?
  • It’s powerful: Your pedal power plus a motor, just imagine what’s possible: flatten hills, shorten travel time, and skip the shower upon arrival. Add a couple of a kids and a cargo load to your elMundo BionX, tackle a hill, and watch the passers byers stare in awe as you blaze past (this contributes to the fun mentioned above). You have control over the motor. Increase and decrease electric-assistance as you wish.
  • It’s green: A true alternative to gasoline-powered vehicles. On top of the bicycle’s innate green design, the El Mundo will get you most any place a car will with a lot less pollution, carbon, and zero fuel. It’s rechargeable battery lasts 20-37 miles—depending on usage and terrain—and costs 3-5 cents per charge.
  • It’s the future: For all the reason above—and more to come—electric bikes are here to stay. They provide exercise, a relationship with the great outdoors, they save money, they’re safe, they perform a bit like a car and a lot like a bicycle, they allow you to circumvent clogged arteries, and park (almost) anywhere. Oh, and there’s no driver’s license required.

See the Mundo for a description of everything else you can expect from the elMundo.

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(all elMundo BionX are delivered with Wheelskirts installed on fenders)

electric cargo bike bionX

The elMundo’s solid, all-steel frame means a safe, sturdy ride.…

elMundo BionX Drivetrain

The 21 speed drive train with BionX motor makes it easy to lug your kids and gear up the steepest hills.…

elMundo BionX Motor

The elMundo’s powerful 355 watt BionX electric assist system offers four levels of assist – 25%, 50%, 100% and 300% – to get you...

elMundo 48V Battery Pack

The elMundo’s 48 volt, 8.8 amp hour  battery has a range of 25-45 miles between charges depending on use.…

mundo side loaders

Side loaders can support cargo or give passengers a place to put their feet.…

mundo integrated rear rack

The Mundo’s integrated rear rack is welded to the frame, resulting in unsurpassed cargo hauling ability, stiffness and strength.…

mundo braze-ons

Ample Braze-ons allow for easy configuration and installation of Yuba accessories.…

mundo kickstand

The beefy Stand Alone kickstand keeps the bike nicely balanced when you are loading it with groceries, kids or kayaks.…

elmundo rear disc

Rear disc brake comes standard for improved stopping power.…

mundo dropouts

Reinforced dropouts ensure smooth shifting, and sturdy support of loads.…

mundo fenders

Fenders come standard.…

cargo bike 500mm seat post

The oversized cargo bike 500mm seat post makes it possible for the Yuba Mundo to accommodate riders of all heights and weights.…

  • • Powerful Motor & gearing
    • Superbly Stiff Frame
    • Nimble Handling
    • Mega Load Capacity
    • Multiple Passenger Capacity
  • "For starters, I need to keep moving my body. With kids, jobs, hobbies, social lives and everything that goes with that, I don’t have the time – nor do I want to..."
    -Paul Willerton Electric Bicycle Report

    "I’m a rider, just trying to get my load around town in the most efficient, car-free way possible. The Yuba elMundo does the trick."
    - Bicycle Times #15