elBoda Boda

The elBoda Boda is the Boda Boda—electrified!

Somewhere between the electric car and the bicycle lies the electric bicycle; more specifically, the electric cargo bicycle. So, why electrify? Among the laundry list of positive attributes inherent to the electric bike, here are a handful of our favorites:

  • It’s fun: When we say fun, we mean really, really fun. First-time-on-a-bike fun. Wind-whipping-through-your-hair fun. Superhero fun. Get it?
  • It’s powerful: Your pedal power plus a motor, just imagine what’s possible: flatten hills, shorten travel time, and skip the shower upon arrival. Add a couple of a kids and a cargo load to your elBoda Boda, tackle a hill, and watch the passers byers stare in awe as you blaze past (this contributes to the fun mentioned above). You have control over the motor. Increase and decrease electric-assistance as you wish.
  • It’s green: A true alternative to gasoline-powered vehicles. On top of the bicycle’s innate green design, the elBoda Boda will get you most any place a car will with a lot less pollution, carbon, and zero fuel. It’s rechargeable battery lasts 20-37 miles—depending on usage and terrain—and costs 3-5 cents per charge.
  • It’s the future: For all the reason above—and more to come—electric bikes are here to stay. They provide exercise, a relationship with the great outdoors, they save money, they’re safe, they perform a bit like a car and a lot like a bicycle, they allow you to circumvent clogged arteries, and park (almost) anywhere. Oh, and there’s no driver’s license required.
See the Boda Boda for a description of everything else you can expect from the elBoda Boda.


Suit yourself.

Yuba’s complete line of Add-Ons make it easy to configure the bike for your needs, including seating options that grow with the passenger.

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(elBoda Bodas are delivered with Wheelskirts in the box)

electric cargo bike

The elBoda electric cargo bike has room for groceries, passengers, laptops and more! Add a Breadbasket to double capacity.…

boda rack

The integrated rear rack makes it easy to transport cargo or passengers.…

elBoda motor

The 350 watt BionX electric assist system offers four levels of assist – 25%, 50%, 100% and 300% – to get you there faster...

electric cargo bike customization

Multiple braze-ons make it easy to do an electric cargo bike customization and configure your elBoda to your needs.…

elBoda drivetrain

The 8 speed SRAM drivetrain coupled with the BionX motor  makes it easy to lug your kids and gear up the biggest hills.…

boda love handles

The Boda Boda’s Love Handles give passengers a place to put their feet and make strapping on cargo a breeze.…

bike child seat

The Boda Boda’s rear rack can really take a load, and is the perfect way to give (little) friends a lift with a bike...

boda boda style

Cork like grips add style and panache to Boda Boda, this what we call the Boda Boda style.…

cargo bike step-thru and step-over

In order to accommodate riders of all heights and abilities, cargo bike step-through and step-over versions are available. The unique step-through frame means that...

boda cargo bike saddle

This classic, boda cargo bike saddle smooths out bumps and potholes.…

boda boda disc brakes

The new Boda Boda features a mount for installing disc brakes.…

cargo bike tires

These stylish cargo bike tires, cream-colored Freedom/WTB tires offer great rolling quality and style..…

  • • Powerful Motor & Gearing
    • Integrated Frame
    • Passenger & Cargo Capacity
    • Fits on Transit Racks
    • Comfortable Ride
  • cargo bike red cargo bike green cargo bike white
    The Boda Boda is available in both a step-thru (green and white) and step over version (red).

    "It’s the minivan of bicycles, though with more panache than that designation suggests. If you’ve ever dreamt of ditching your car once and for all for a two-wheeled lifestyle, the Boda Boda might just be the perfect replacement."
    "elBodaBoda review MCBC" MCBC, Summer 2013

    "The elBodaBoda is in one word fun"
    Outside Magazine 10/23/12

    "The elBoda Boda looks like it will carry quite a bit of cargo but it will be nimble enough to maneuver in congested areas." Electric Bike Report