basic boda boda
Basic Boda Boda
Do you need to a light, zippy bike for your business? Do you tend to find really great garage sales on the other side of town? Accessories include:
• Boda Side Stand
load warrior
Load Warrior
Need to get tons of stuff to and from or just need a bike to do the shopping for your restaurant?

Accessories include:
• 1 or 2 Baguettes
• Bread Basket
• Double Stand
Boda Boda Bike
Car-Free Commuter
Zip to work, take a co-worker to lunch and pick up groceries on the way home - this bike does everything!

Accessories include:
• Soft Spot
• 1 or 2 Baguettes
• Boda Double Stand
Boda Boda Cargo Bike
Baby Buggy
Get the toddler to daycare on your way to work.

Accessories include:
• Boda Stand Alone Kickstand
• Child Seat
• 1 or 2 Baguettes
Boda Boda shopping
Shopping Machine
Don't you hate it when you can't find a parking spot when going shopping?

Accessories include:
• 1 or 2 Baguettes
• Boda single stand
Boda Cargo Bike
Pick Me Up
Need the option to give a ride to your kid or your sweetheart? With this sweet setup, you still have room for both of your backpacks!

Accessories include:
• Bamboo Running Boards
• Soft Spot
• Ring
• Boda Pegs (only needed for smaller children)
• Bread Basket
• Boda Single Kickstand

Please check your intended usage below.


  • Adults
  • Older Kids
  • Toddlers


  • Backpacks
  • Groceries
  • Music Equipment
  • Surfboards
  • Tools

Bike Based Business

  • Bike Based Business
  • Fetch/Deliver Freight