Boda Boda

The cargo bike refined.

We’d like to introduce you to the newest member of the Yuba Family: the Boda Boda. It’s a cargo bike designed for everyday transportation, anywhere you see fit—really, it’ll fit most anywhere: transit racks, the elevator, your car, the subway, your 4th-floor walk-up… Trust us, this is impressive.

The Boda Boda has even more creature comforts than its big brother—the Mundo—though it looks and feels similar to a regular bicycle. Speaking of regular bicycles, the Boda Boda is one. No kids to carry? No load to bear? Want to cruise from point A to point B, exercise? Ride your Boda Boda—no cargo required.

Handy features, such as a handhold for carrying, optional step-through frame, and upright, casual styling, make the Boda Boda a favorite with city dwellers, kid-carriers, smaller riders, commuters, and the like. Its thoughtful design, modest size, superb handling, and fresh style make the Boda Boda the world’s, lightest, and most compact cargo bike—for real life!

The Boda Boda is for everyone from the cargo-enthusiast, to the easy-rider, and everyone in between. Suit yourself.

Yuba’s complete line of add-on make it easy to configure the bike for your needs, including seating options that grow with the passenger.

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(Boda Bodas are delivered with Wheelskirts in the box)

boda frame

The Boda Boda’s 35 pound frame makes it easy to take on trains, carry upstairs and store the bike.…

boda rack

The integrated rear rack makes it easy to transport cargo or passengers.…

boda love handles

The Boda Boda’s Love Handles give passengers a place to put their feet and make strapping on cargo a breeze.…

boda boda cargo bike braze-on

Multiple braze-ons make it easy to customize and configure the bike to your needs.


bike child seat

The Boda Boda’s rear rack can really take a load, and is the perfect way to give (little) friends a lift with a bike...

boda boda style

Cork like grips add style and panache to Boda Boda, this what we call the Boda Boda style.…

boda electric ready

It’s easy to convert the Boda Boda to electric at any time, with this electric-ready frame!…

cargo bike step-thru and step-over

In order to accommodate riders of all heights and abilities, cargo bike step-through and step-over versions are available. The unique step-through frame means that...

Boda Boda Cargo Bike Chainguard

The Boda Boda Cargo Bike Chainguard ensures that your pants clean or are not caught into the chain.…

boda cargo bike saddle

This classic, boda cargo bike saddle smooths out bumps and potholes.…

boda boda disc brakes

The new Boda Boda features a mount for installing disc brakes.…

cargo bike tires

These stylish cargo bike tires, cream-colored Freedom/WTB tires offer great rolling quality and style..…

  • • Lightweight and Stylish
    • Passenger of Any Age
    • Kid's Memory Machine
    • Fits on Transit Racks
    • Geared for Fun
  • Internationally acclaimed on three continents. The Boda Boda won 1st Prize at the Green Dot Awards in 2013. green dot award
  • cargo bike red cargo bike green cargo bike white
    The Boda Boda is available in both a Step-Thru (green and white) and Step-Over version (red).
  • "The Boda Boda's lightweight makes this longtail cargo bike's ride feel like a standard size bike."
    - Momemtum Magazine Oct 2014

    "nothing we have ridden comes anywhere close to the Yuba Boda Boda...It is oh-so-easy on the eyes. New Yorkers aren’t easily impressed, but this bike consistently turned heads and elicited positive comments".
    - 9/18/14

    "It’s the minivan of bicycles, though with more panache than that designation suggests. If you’ve ever dreamt of ditching your car once and for all for a two-wheeled lifestyle, the Boda Boda might just be the perfect replacement."
    - Outside Magazine 10/23/12

    "Another appreciated feature on such a long bike is that the ‘S’ downtube allows the front wheel to be turned 180-degrees, shortening the wheelbase enough to allow the Boda Boda to fit in a city bike rack much more easily."
    - Bike Radar 9/26/12