Boda Boda FAQ

Can I install pedal assist on my Boda Boda V2?

Yes! Over 70% of our bikes eventually have pedal assist systems installed. Whether front or rear hub motor or bottom bracket-mounted mid-drive, the Boda Boda V2 is ready to be converted to the system of your choice. We’ve even provided extra room under the rear deck to mount a battery; contact us about our battery bracket for an easy mounting option.

Here is an example of our elBoda Boda that we build with the BionX pedal assist system:

elboda-boda-4 elboda_boda_bionx_motor

What are the differences between the SO & the ST versions?

The main differences between the Step Through and Step-Over frames are a few key measurements, allowing a wider range of people to fit the bicycle. As you can see in the chart below, the Step-Through has a shorter reach from the saddle to the handlebars,  a shorter steer tube and a much lower top tube which creates the step-through portion of the frame.

Boda-Boda-v2-geometry Boda Boda V2

Boda-Boda-V3_specs-page-001 Boda Boda V3


How much assembly is necessary?

Our bikes are shipped about 85% assembled and securely packed. When your bike arrives, final assembly and tuning should be performed by a qualified bicycle mechanic to ensure the safety of both the rider and passenger(s). The mechanic should have experience with headset bearing assemblies, derailleur systems and either rim or disc brake systems.

Can the Boda Boda V2 have multiple front chainrings for wider gearing?

Yes, it’s definitely possible to add multiple chainrings and a front derailleur to the Boda Boda V2. The stock bottom bracket will accept any JIS Square taper modern crank (double or triple chainring); its spindle length is 110.5mm .

The bottom bracket shell will also accept external bearing bottom brackets; its shell dimensions are 68mm wide, English thread (1.37 in x 24 TPI).


Do you have Monkey Bars for the Boda Boda V2 or V3?

We do not currently make Monkey Bars for the Boda Boda V2, but it’s possible to convert the Mundo’s Monkey Bars for use on the Boda Boda’s shorter deck. You can find the step-by-step process and materials list on our website.

The Boda Boda V3 is compatible with our Mini Monkey Bar.

Where can I find the Serial Number on my Boda Boda V2 and V3?

The serial number of your Boda Boda (or elBoda Boda) can be found under your bike stamped into the bottom bracket shell between the pedals.

Do I have to use the Yepp Maxi childseat?

Because the integrated rear racks of our cargo bikes are extra wide a standard child seat won’t fit over the rack.  The Yepp Maxi child seat is the only child seat we’ve found that is compatible with our cargo bikes. 

Mundo V5, Boda Boda V3, Spicy Curry, Sweet Curry and Supermarché all have integrated mounting brackets for the Yepp Maxi.  The seat installs in seconds with the turn of a dial.

Note: For Boda Boda V2 and Mundo V4 or older, you’ll need a Yepp Maxi Easyfit Adapter.