Boda Boda All-Terrain



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The Bomber Cargo Bike

At Yuba, we build bikes to help support a lifestyle. We want to connect people to their communities. We want to get families outdoors. We want to help folks fit some exercise into their day. We want to power small businesses with pedals. We want the healthy and fun choice to be the easy choice…hop on a bike!

And then sometimes, there are moments when a certain voice pops into our heads. It’s the bike nerd voice. And when we hear that voice and this thought pops into our heads: “let’s just build a bomber bike”.

And thus, introducing: the Boda Boda All-Terrain.

The All-Terrain is mission-ready. It’s trail and city friendly, with hydraulic disc brakes, WTB grips, saddle, tires, and rims, and 220-pound cargo capacity. And, it comes in Special Ops Black—only!

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Take the Trail to the Farmer’s Market

A lot of cargo bicyclists find that they’ve got a go-to people carrier that matches their needs. If you’ve got a few kids, it’s probably a Mundo. If you’re about groceries, a yoga class, and one child, you’re drawn to the Boda Boda. If you like speed and need a quick way to climb serious hills, the Spicy Curry with its electric motor is for you.

The All-Terrain matches the need to be an all-around badass. With your kid on the back!

We are always searching for new ways to help parents keep a little bounce in their step and have a great time with their kids. The All-Terrain builds on what we’ve learned over the years: kids love cargo bikes, and parents love them even more! The build and components on the All-Terrain help open up even more of the world to your cycling family, and that means more adventures. That keeps everyone happy.

We took a test ride with the Boda Boda All-Terrain and a Yuba family toddler. We went the long way to the market. After a little section of trail, we stopped to check in with the little one. He was smiling hugely: “that was so fun! More!”

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Put the All-Terrain to Work

The Yuba All-Terrain is functional, it’s solid, and it’s mission-ready. It’s the bike that rolls on the scene and doesn’t need to make a statement; its stealthy attitude and muscles speak for themselves. Whether you’re hauling children or running a small business from your bike, the Boda Boda All-Terrain is up to the task.




  • 6' 1" or 186cm
  • Step-Over only
  • rack length 25″(63 cm) width (inc. Sideloaders) 19.5″(50 cm)
  • 40lbs or 17kg


  • 2x10 SRAM
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • WTB All-Terrain tires
  • Aluminum frame


  • Wide Side Stand
  • Wheelskirts*
  • Sideloaders Cargo/ Feet support
  • Yepp mount
  • 2 yr Warranty


Yuba's latest cargo bike gets off the beaten track!
Gizmag Online May 2016